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Aunt Kathy can be summed up, er, in two words: "koo" and "ky".

Riley in "Coming Home?"

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Katherine[1] "Kathy" is James's favourite aunt, Enzo's (presumable) sister, and Deborah's younger sister.

Biography Edit

Season 1 Edit

Kathy meets James (and Riley) in the park.[2]

Season 2 Edit

Kathy does not appear at all during Season 2. Although not seen on-screen, it is implied that during this time, Kathy met Arthur (Deborah introduced her to him[3]) and the two got engaged.

Season 3 Edit

Kathy marries Arthur.[3]

Personality Edit

Riley describes Kathy as "kooky."[2] She is an eccentric and odd woman, shown when she takes hours on end to make seating arrangements for her wedding.[4]

Physical appearance Edit

Kathy is usually seen smiling. She has dark wavy hair, dark eyes, and light skin. She is usually seen in dresses, sometimes of odd patterns and colours.

Relationships Edit

James Edit

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James is Kathy's nephew.

Arthur Edit

Main article: Arthur
See also: Arthy

Arthur becomes Kathy's husband.[3]

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kathy is allergic to cats.[3]

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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