Kingston is a vlogger on YouTube who learned how to dance from watching online videos who becomes a member of A-Troupe, a troupe that he joins after being on TNS West.

Biography Edit

Before the show Edit

Kingston learned how to dance from online videos. He eventually became a well-known YouTube star.

Season 5 Edit

Kingston arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio upon West's invitation to join TNS West.[2] Despite the positive affirmation from his peers, Kingston finds himself struggling with choreography, which causes Michelle to take him out of the troupe. Saddened, but not discouraged, Kingston joins Baby Ballet in order to get some proper training. It is Kingston's willingness to go to such an extent to improve his dancing that causes him to be let back into the troupe.[3]

Personality Edit

Kingston is an excitable and eager individual who cares profoundly about bringing the flash when he dances. Kingston is a hardworking individual who never gives up, even if he doesn't succeed at first.

Physical appearance Edit

Characteristics Edit

Kingston has dark skin, curly black hair and dark brown eyes.

Abilities Edit

Dancing Edit

  • Acro: Kingston is proficient in acro.
  • Ballet: Although it is clearly not his dominant style, Kingston is a practicing ballet dancer. He attends Baby Ballet and is a level one ballet dancer.[3]
  • Hip-hop: Despite being proficient in the style, Kingston struggles to pick up hip-hop choreography and gets kicked off of TNS West for this reason. However, it appears to be one of Kingston's most dominant styles.[3]

Appearances Edit

The Off Season Edit

Season 5 Edit

Dances Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Kingston's pride and joy is his hoverboard.
  • Kingston is the oldest member of Baby Ballet.

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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