Kyle is a dancer at Stockholm Dance Theatre.


Before the showEdit

Kyle won the Mister Internationals Soloist title three times at Internationals.[1]

Season 3Edit

He competes against Eldon, Bartek, and a multitude of other male dancers for the Mister Internationals Soloist title. He wins the male Internationals soloist title, giving his team gets a 5-point advantage, which they use in the final round of Internationals against The Next Step Dance Studio.[1]

After his team ties with The Next Step Dance Studio in the final round of Internationals, he does the tie-breaking duet with Madie, but loses.[2]


Not much is known of Kyle's personality.

Physical appearanceEdit

Kyle is tall and thin. He has fair skin and blond hair.


Season 3Edit


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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