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I don't mean to brag, but people are drawn to me.

Lily, "Grave New World"

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Lily is a jazz dancer and a former member of A-Troupe.[1]


The Off Season: Season 2

Lily auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and supposedly dances about 'humility'.[2]

Season 6

Lily threatens the dancers at the studio for the spot of the "star of the year." She also makes all the other A-Troupers look weak when she performs a jazz solo. Lily arrives atThe Next Step with Miss Angela, Kenzie, Finn and Summer. The dancers notice Lily is clearly Angela's favourite, before finding out she is her daughter. When the dancers perform their strengths, Lily is asked to perform a solo. Amy describes it to be the 'cheese factor'. She is asked to show Piper a high kick. Upon this, Piper expresses her feelings about Angela's teaching methods towards her, and whilst doing this, says that Lily is only an 'OK' dancer.


Lily appears to be full of herself.

Physical appearance


Lily has tan skin and brown eyes. Her hair is wavy, long and dark brown.


When dancing, Lily wears a black floral-print tank top with a black skort.


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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6





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