Lola is a former member and dance captain of Encore Dance Studios.

Despite her high rank at Encore Dance Studios, Lola was friendless, and arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio hoping to make friends.[1]


Before the show

Lola attended Encore Dance Studios and was the dance captain there. Despite the studio's competitiveness, Lola was not happy there due to having no friends there.[1]

The Off Season

Wanting a fresh start, Lola visits The Next Step Dance Studio and decides to audition for A-Troupe.[1]

Season 5

Lola makes it onto A-Troupe, exciting her, as she hopes it will allow her to make new friends.[2]

Lola is extremely happy for Richelle when she becomes dance captain and is confused as to why nobody is celebrating her position. When Lola learns that Richelle does not have many friends, Lola begins a quest to befriend her, which comes into fruition.[3]

Physical appearance


Lola has light skin and blue eyes. Lola has shoulder-length, straight, blonde hair. While dancing, her hair is braided into a crown.


Lola tends to wear a pink or purple tank top and black skort while dancing.


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The Off Season

Season 5


Group dances


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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