Emily tns season 1 "I think Kate and Chris's dance is great for two old people."

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Lola didn't have any friends at Encore Dance Studios, but has cultivated relationships at The Next Step Dance Studio.

Friends Edit

Jacquie Edit

Lola is very complimentary of Jacquie's dancing. When Lola finds out that she does not actually have the solo and that it is meant for Jacquie, she is embarrassed rather than angry at Jacquie. She is appreciative of Jacquie comforting her and decides she will try as hard as her in order to get the next solo.[1]

Kingston Edit

Lola first interacts with Kingston when he suggests she take up hoverboarding to kick her nervous habit of biting her nails.[2]

Richelle Edit

Lola is very congratulatory of Richelle when she becomes dance captain. She is confused when nobody celebrates with Richelle about the new title, and sees Richelle as very similar to her while she was at her old studio. Lola pursues a friendship with Richelle, which eventually begins.[3]

References Edit

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