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Luke (previously referred to as Shane[1]) is the lead singer of the band. He is also a member of Lost & Found Music Studios.[2]

Biography Edit

Before the showEdit

Luke learned how to play the guitar.

Season 3 Edit

Luke is introduced as the lead vocalist and guitarist in James's band. He practices with James in the Music Room[3] AND also performs "Lost and Found" with the band at Kathy and Arthur's wedding.[4]

When James asks the band for ideas on what to get Riley for their anniversary, he professes that he is good at cutting things out after the suggestion of making a card. When James scraps the idea, he helps him perform an original song for Riley.[5]

Later, he performs a song at A-Troupe's party.[2]

Luke, with Theo and John, video-chats James while he is at Internationals, saying that the band has their first upcoming gig and have to use a drum machine.[6]

Season 4Edit

Luke sings James's original song for Riley during James and Riley's date.[7]

Later on in the season Luke and his band sing a song for A-Troupe to send them off to Regionals in Studio A.[8]

Personality Edit

Luke is friendly, extroverted, and calm. He is quite kind and slow to anger and is very helpful, shown by the number of times that he assists James.

Physical appearance Edit

Luke is quite short. He has fair skin and hazel eyes. He has dark brown hair that resembles a bob in Season 3, but that is cut into a quiff in Season 4.

Luke often wears a sweater, plaid, a t-shirt and vest combo. He often sports dark washed jeans and sneakers.



Vocal Edit

Luke is a talented singer, proven by the fact that he is the lead vocalist in James's band.

String instruments Edit

Luke is proficient at playing the guitar.



Main article: John

John is Luke's best friend.

James Edit

Main article: James

James is Luke's close friend.

Appearances Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

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References Edit

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