Oh, well, I can help you if you want.

Thalia, to Eldon

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"Marry Me" is the 11th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 75th episode overall. It was first aired on March 27, 2015.


James and Riley scramble to save Kathy's wedding.


Arthur season 3

James' driving instructor stands in the doorway of Hidalgo's.

James and Riley are discussing Kathy's wedding and how he feels like he's not a part of A-Troupe yet because of how much planning he has done for it. They are waiting for aunt Kathy to arrive in Hidalgo's, and once she does, James notices his crazy driving instructor in the doorway. He points as much out to Riley and Kathy reveals that James's driving instructor is actually her fiancé, and that his name is Arthur.

Chloe, Michelle, and Cierra are leaving Studio A and Cierra and Michelle decide to practice their duet the following day at 1:00. Simultaneously, Thalia enters Studio A where Eldon happens to be. She asks him if he'd like to get some drinks with her and he reveals that he can't because he's teaching J-Troupe. She offers to help him and he agrees. He confesses that he knows he can't date Thalia until he gets 30 pirouettes, but that it's working, not dating and that he is therefore not breaking any rules.

James is teaching Arthur how to slow-dance because Kathy bequeathed him with the task. Kathy walks in then and tells Arthur that the wedding tent will be ready the following day. Overjoyed, they hug only for a squeaking noise to sound. Kathy deduces that it is a cat toy, and tells him that they have already talked about the matter; while in co-habitation his cat cannot live with them because she is allergic. They instantly begin arguing, and Kathy gives him an ultimatum: herself or the cat. Arthur picks the cat and beckons James to follow him to his car.

Thalia eldon season 3 mm2

Thalia and Eldon watch over the ill-behaved J-Troupers.

Eldon and Thalia are teaching a J-Troupe acro class. Eldon begins teaching some basic acro, but the young dancer find it too easy and begin flipping at random; Thalia and Eldon try to get their attention. Finally, Eldon gets the dancers' attention by performing a flip that is far superior to the ones they were performing and they finally listen to him with new-found respect. Thalia confesses that she is impressed.

Riley and James are at Hidalgo's since James no longer has to prepare for the wedding since it is cancelled. The leisure time is cut short, though, when Deborah enters ordering him to complete his duties. James breaks the news to her about the argument, and Deborah begs James to talk to Arthur and get the wedding back in order. Despite being irritated, he complies and shortly leaves. Riley is about to follow suit when Deborah stops her; she comments that she sees her as family and that she therefore needs to help her complete tasks on a long To Do list.

Eldon and Thalia are talking to J-Troupe about how important chemistry is with one's partner when dancing. The J-Troupers proceed to ask them to demonstrate and the two comply. Eldon confesses that it is a perfect demonstration because he and Thalia have a lot of chemistry. They perform a duet which is about them helping each other. Eldon proceeds to confess that the dance requires a lot of trust and that he trusts Thalia 100%. Thalia also confesses that it's nice doing the duet because she knows that Eldon likes her. Unknowing of the Eldon's 30-pirouettes-dating predicament, she says in Talking Heads that she hopes they can date after such a duet.

James arthur mm

Arthur admits to James that he doesn't have a best man for the wedding.

At the Department of Motor Vehicles, James is comforting a crying Arthur. Arthur admits that he doesn't really care about the cat and that the real problem is he doesn't have a best man for the wedding. James assures him that he will be his best man because they're family. An overjoyed Arthur begins yelling that everybody passes their test and his boss subsequently runs outside. Arthur runs away and James hesitantly follows. James confesses that being the best man will be interesting.

At Enzo's warehouse, Riley is getting suits and dresses for the wedding as a part of the many tasks on Deborah's list.

Cierra is dancing in Studio A. She has been waiting for Michelle in order to practice a routine, but she is an hour late. Cierra, angry, decides that she cannot wait forever and decides to leave just as Michelle finally arrives. Michelle apologizes profusely, explaining that she didn't know whether her mom or dad was driving her, creating a large dilemma. Cierra says that she understands because divorce stinks, but still leaves. Riley is at Kathy's house, trying to console a distraught Kathy. James calls Riley, and Riley reveals what is happening. James says that the wedding is back on, and puts Arthur on the phone to speak to Kathy. Arthur apologizes and the two concur that the wedding will still happen. The two are happy again until Kathy receives a call that the band cancelled and resumes crying. Soon, Arthur is crying as well. Upon hearing the news, James says that his band will perform at the wedding and Arthur and Kathy get happy once again.

Michelle season 3 mm

Michelle cries about her parents's divorce and remarks that she feels responsible for it.

Michelle is at Hidalgo's and Chloe approaches her. Michelle reveals that she feels like the divorce is all her fault because of how busy she had made both her parents with her dance. Chloe assures her that this is untrue and tells Michelle that she can stay if she pleases. Michelle assures her that she can leave, as she'd like to be alone. She confesses that this is because she is tired of being a burden to everyone.

Kathy and Arthur get married by a sea captain. After Kathy says her vows, it is Arthur's turn... although Arthur can’t get out his vows without verging on tears. James resorts to helping him and, eventually, Arthur utters the words. Arthur and Kathy are finally married. Arthur proceeds to sing a song. Despite it originally being in honour of Kathy, Arthur quickly veers off topic and begins obsessively singing about James. At first, James finds it odd, but he realizes he deserves the shout-out because he saved the wedding. James's band then performs a song entitled "Lost and Found" which proves to actually be very good.




Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Train.





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