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Micheldon is the formerly canon romantic pairing between Eldon and Michelle.


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Michelle and Eldon develop feelings for each other at the latter of Season 1, while Eldon is still dating Emily. Eventually, Eldon breaks up with Emily, and his relationship with Michelle commences.[1] Things go downhill when Hunter, Michelle's previous crush from Madison, arrives to the studio and challenges Eldon to a dance battle for Michelle in which the loser must back off of her.[2] Eldon loses,[2] and eventually has to break up with Michelle.[3] The two eventually make up and become friends again.


Season 1

"Love Story"

  • Michelle asks Eldon to be her duet partner to which he smiles and accepts.
  • Eldon says that he is happy that Michelle is his partner.

"Get It Together"

  • When Michelle sees Emily and Eldon getting along she seems to be bothered.
  • Michelle looks upset when she sees Emily and Eldon getting closer.
  • Michelle thinks that Eldon should join her dance.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

  • Michelle and Eldon have juice together at Squeezed.
  • Michelle knows Eldon's favourite juice flavour is peach grape.
  • Michelle tries to warn Eldon about Emily.
  • Michelle comforts Eldon after Emily humiliates him.
  • Michelle asks Eldon to join her routine after Emily rejects him.


  • Eldon says that Emily has been hard on Michelle for a long time and doesn't think she deserves it.
  • Michelle tells Eldon that he did good job in rehearsal and thanks him for defending her.

"Forget You"

  • Michelle finally admits that she has a crush on Eldon.

"First Date"

  • Michelle suggests to Eldon that they do a duet together in the new Regionals routine, to which Eldon concurs.
  • Eldon and Michelle both admit that they trust each other.
  • Michelle hopes that Eldon will see that there is something between them after their duet.

"We Are Family"

  • Eldon and Michelle practice their duet.
  • Eldon is so caught up with Michelle that he forgets about his date with Emily.
  • Eldon realizes he is in love with Michelle.

"Break Stuff"

  • Eldon tells Stephanie not to blame Michelle for Daniel's injury.

"Come Back...Be Here"

  • While rehearsing the routine for Regionals, Eldon and Michelle look at each other.
  • Eldon finally admits to Michelle that he has feelings for her.
  • After Eldon tells Michelle that he has feelings for her, Michelle decides to tell Eldon that she has feelings for him as well but Emily returns and she misses her chance.
  • Eldon is not happy that Emily is back and says that all he wants is to be with Michelle.

"Dancing In The Streets"

  • Eldon tries to talk to Michelle about their relationship.
  • Michelle admits that she still likes Eldon.
  • Eldon thinks Michelle has feelings for him.

"Price Tag"

  • Eldon asks Kate if he and Michelle are still doing their duet for Regionals.

"Bad Moon Rising"

  • Eldon confesses that he will be torn apart of Michelle says that she likes somebody else.
  • Michelle and Eldon exchange a look.
  • Eldon tells Michelle that he'll break up with Emily to be with her.
  • Michelle confesses that she has always wanted to hear Eldon say that he wants to be with her.

"Can't Fight This Feeling"

  • Michelle dances to "Inside Out."
  • Eldon watches Michelle dance.
  • Eldon says that no matter how much he liked Emily, it can't compare to how much he likes Michelle.
  • Michelle is saddened to see Eldon bring Emily a drink.
  • Eldon dances to "Inside Out."
  • Eldon says while he is dancing he feels a "flood of emotions" for Michelle.
  • Michelle tells Eldon that she likes him and wants to be with him.

"Fancy Footwork"

  • While getting ready for their performance, Eldon tells Michelle that she looks beautiful.
  • While awaiting the results, Michelle and Eldon hold hands.
  • Eldon and Michelle hug when their team moves on to the next round.

"This Is How We Do It"

  • Eldon admits that he still has feelings for Michelle.
  • Eldon hugs Michelle and spins her around.
  • Eldon and Michelle agree that they have chemistry together.

"Winner Takes All"

  • Eldon tells Michelle that he wants to be with her and that he had lied when he said otherwise.
  • Eldon says that he can't wait for his first date with Michelle.
  • Eldon breaks up with Emily to be with Michelle.
  • In the final routine, Eldon plays Romeo and Michelle plays Juliet.

Season 2

"Don't Stop the Party"

"My Boyfriend's Back"

  • Eldon and Michelle have a date at Culture Shock.
  • Eldon and Michelle are referred to as "Micheldon."
  • When Hunter calls Michelle his girlfriend, Eldon is upset.

"Ready to Start"

  • Michelle tells Hunter that she wants to be with Eldon.
  • Eldon says that he doesn't know what he'd do without Michelle.

"Work It"

  • Michelle is elated that herself and Eldon will be going to Nationals together.
  • Michelle hugs Eldon.

"It Takes Two"

  • Michelle wished to do a duet with Eldon for Nationals.

"Never Enough"

  • Eldon says that breaking up with Michelle was the hardest thing he had to do.

"Water It"

  • Eldon and Michelle help each other with their Nationals solos.

Season 3

"Can't Fight This Feeling"

  • Michelle and Eldon laugh with each other.
  • Michelle mentions that she used to spend hours with Eldon at his house.
  • Michelle says that she and Eldon are really close.
  • Eldon says that he has a lot of chemistry with Michelle.
  • Michelle and Eldon hug.

Season 4

"Love Will Tear Us Apart"

  • In a flashback, Michelle and Eldon dance together at Regionals.
  • Eldon and Michelle stand forehead-to-forehead in a flashback.
  • Michelle admits that she was in love with Eldon.


  • Micheldon is the only canon pairing which has not kissed.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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