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This is the new me. I'm determined. I'm focused. And nothing is going to stand in my way.

— Michelle, "The Game Belongs to Me"

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Michelle Beatrice[1] W.[2] is the head of TNS West.[3]

Michelle arrives to The Next Step Dance Studio after her family is relocated from Madison, Wisconsin, her hometown. Having been Miss Nationals Soloist and a dance captain at her previous studio, Michelle easily makes it onto A-Troupe.[4]

Michelle's entrance into the troupe warrants antagonism from Emily, who she eventually overthrows as dance captain.[5] Michelle later asks Emily to be her co-captain, which she accepts.[6]

Michelle momentarily leaves The Next Step, too overwhelmed with the drama that has surfaced in regard to Hunter and Eldon and no longer liking dance.[7] After the studio creates a flash mob just for her, though, she happily rejoins the studio.[8] At Nationals, Michelle defends her title of Miss Nationals Soloist.[9]

Michelle's parents' divorce takes a toll on her as she enters the new dance season, making her extremely unfocused and emotional; Michelle is made an alternate, much to her distress.[10]

Upon the next dance season, Michelle is determined to make it back to the top after being demoted to an alternate by any means necessary.

After a less than successful dance season, Michelle is ready to return, but feels discomfort and disagreement when faced with Emily's leadership.[11] Thus, Michelle creates her own troupe, TNS West.[12]


Before the Show

Michelle as a child

A photograph of Michelle as a youngster.

Michelle was born in Madison, Wisconsin and started dancing when she was three. She became a full-fledged dancer at the age of nine after performing a duet with Hunter at summer camp.[1]

A year before the events of Season 1, Michelle was awarded the title of Miss Nationals Soloist, meaning that she also went to Nationals and Regionals during that year. At this studio she was Dance Captain.[4]

Season 1

Michelle's family is relocated, and Michelle joins The Next Step, only to be unjustifiably victimized by Emily. In an attempt to get on Emily's good side, she accompanies her and some other dancers to spy on Elite Dance Academy, which backfires; when she goes in to take a video of them, Emily simultaneously texts her upon Stephanie's suggestion, and Michelle's phone beeps, causing her to be caught by Elite. In addition, Emily and the other dancers abandon her.[13] To relinquish suspicion, she lies that she wants to audition for the studio and is "accepted" but does not join.[14] From then on, Emily's rudeness towards her only worsens.

Michelle season 1 ls

Michelle initially refuses to dethrone Emily.

Chloe reveals to her that she often leaves early and arrives late to practice because she has to work to pay for dance,[15] Michelle promises to keep it a secret.

When Riley and James approach her to take Emily's title as Dance Captain, she initially refuses for fear of Emily treating her worse,[14] but eventually accepts.[15] Michelle leads Riley, James, Daniel, West, and Chloe in a newly-choreographed a routine to be shown to Kate. As the routine is set into motion, Michelle is shocked when Emily claims that she sent her a mean text and is bullying her. When Michelle protests and her phone cannot be found, the secret routine is revealed, and she is asked by Kate to see it. After performing the routine with her group, Michelle is voted, almost unanimously, to be the new Dance Captain.[5]

Michelle begins to harbour feelings for Eldon, which she knows is uncharted territory, especially when Eldon begins dating Emily. These feeling only intensify as she rehearses a duet with Eldon for Regionals. While Emily is at Elite, she is told by Eldon that he will break up with Emily just be with with her, but when Emily returns, nothing becomes of this.[16] Michelle thus refuses to speak to Eldon due to her hurt feelings and fear of Emily's wrath.

Michelle season 1 dits

Michelle watches helplessly as the team bickers.

After realizing that Emily has the motivational and authoritative quality that she lacks, Michelle offers Emily the role of co-captain, which she eventually accepts.[6] Consequently, she finally becomes Emily's friend.

When Chloe's financial problems threaten her chances at Regionals, she tells Emily and the team. On her and Emily's count, she and the team go to Chloe's workplace and tip her profusely so that she is able to pay for dance.[6]

At Regionals, Michelle grows even closer to Eldon. While rehearsing the routine, Michelle is told by Eldon that he will break up with Emily for her, although after Regionals as to not affect Emily's performance. After the performance, Michelle is fearful when she discovers that Eldon broke up with Emily right before the performance. After seeing Emily shoot her a dirty look, Michelle fears that Emily's feelings for her will revert to that of before.[17]

Season 2

Although Michelle wishes to keep her relationship with Eldon a secret, Emily announces their status to the rest of A-Troupe.[18]

Michelle sees Amanda at the mall being kicked out of Elite. Feeling sorry for her, Michelle permits her to audition for A-Troupe.[19]

Phoebe michelle season 2

Michelle fondly watches Hunter audition.

When Hunter arrives, thinking that they can rekindle their feelings for one at another and start a relationship, Michelle is forced to confront him and tell him that she is in already relationship.[19] After Eldon breaks up with her for reasons he doesn't disclose to her,[20] Michelle is forced to face the fact that there is still something there between herself and Hunter.

When Amanda reveals to her the video of Eldon losing to Hunter in a dance battle, the reason he broke up with her, Michelle shows the video to the rest of A-Troupe despite Amanda telling her not to, which ultimately results in Eldon losing his solo to Hunter. What is left of her and Eldon's relationship therefore withers away.[21]

Michelle is eventually asked out by Hunter and accepts the invitation, but still misses Eldon, inadvertently speaking only of him while on the date. Later that day, she witnesses Hunter kissing Emily.[22]

Michelle kate season 2

Michelle bids farewell to Kate after deciding that she is leaving the studio.

With Hunter telling her that he wants to be with Emily and Eldon no longer speaking to her, Michelle feels like The Next Step is no longer her family and that she no longer enjoys dance.[7] She leaves the studio and attempts to join other clubs and gains a likeness for debating.[23] After much protest, she finally returns to The Next Step when A-Troupe (with the help of many other people) performs a huge flash mob for her.[8] She also re-accepts the task of dancing the female solo at Nationals. In addition, she and Eldon resume their friendship and help each other with their solos.[24]

At Nationals, the dancers go shopping at the mall where Michelle, having time to kill before her performance, decides to purchase a souvenir for her mum. Tess frames her for shoplifting, and Michelle is taken to the security office, barely making it back to the Nationals venue in time for her solo. She just makes it back in time and wins the round, after which he is apologized to by Amanda who assures her that she had nothing to do with her getting into trouble.[9] She is awarded the title of Miss Nationals Soloist, thus winning the title twice in a row.[25]

Season 3

Michelle season 3

Michelle expresses her frustration about her parents' divorce to her peers.

Michelle's parents are going through a divorce,[26] causing her to constantly move between Madison and The Next Step, thus greatly taking away from dance. She is devastated when she realizes that her predicament will cause her to be absent on the day of the dance battles against Elite but, fortunately, Lucien allows her to have a spot on the team without having to audition. The catch? Michelle's placement will be considered an Elite win and will therefore put The Next Step at a disadvantage before the battles even begin. Despite being happy that she gets to be on the team, she feels guilty that she is putting her team at risk.[27]

Realizing that too much is taking place in her life and that she cannot be there for the team as much as she wishes, she resigns as Dance Captain. Since Emily already left the studio, this leaves A-Troupe captain-less. To resolve the issue, a trio competition between Giselle and Shantel takes place, and Michelle elects Giselle as the new captain.[28]

After video-chatting with Hunter, who has moved back to her hometown, she begins to feel incredibly nostalgic about Madison. She struggles to say goodbye to her friends when she is to briefly return to Madison with her mother because she isn't sure if she will have the heart to leave her hometown again. After a longer trip than anticipated, she returns and assures her fellow dancers that she is there to stay.[29]

Michelle continues to struggle with her parents divorce and her arrivals to practice grow exponentially more sporadic and less timely. When she is enlisted to be in the small group dance for Absolute Dance Internationals alongside Thalia, Eldon, Cierra, and Stephanie, she is never ready to practice or perform. When the small group is taken away from her group and handed to another, Michelle feels extremely guilty, especially since the dance meant so much to Stephanie. Wishing to sort things out, she tries to find common ground with Kate, but instead, becomes the second alternate.[10]

Stephanie michelle season 3 t

Michelle confides in Stephanie.

Michelle struggles to come to terms with being an alternate, especially due to her previous co-captaincy and two-time position as Miss National Soloist. Even while enlisted in a routine—a privilege for an alternate—Michelle is visibly upset. She is comforted by Stephanie who helps her come to terms with being an alternate.[30] At Internationals, Michelle granted the opportunity to dance when West gets food poisoning. She is excited and ready to perform, but at the last minute, West gets better. Although she is happy that West is okay, a part of her remains sad that she was unable to perform.[31]

Season 4

Michelle is determined to return to A-Troupe as the top dancer that she formerly was.[32] She is saddened about all of the changes that are being made to the team and is especially upset when Kate refuses to let Amanda audition after missing her allotted time for another audition.[33] Nonetheless, Michelle remains focused and makes the team.[34]

Michelle michelle season 4

Michelle regards the hand that she has placed on her shoulder.

Wishing to improve her hip-hop, Michelle is taken under LaTroy's wing, which proves to be beneficial.[35] Even with her new skill, Michelle still lacks confidence in herself and seeks Alfie's assistance. Michelle eventually realizes that the only thing that is holding her back is herself. After "dancing with herself" feels that she is finally free.[36]

Michelle is forced to face Piper when they are tied for the final spot in the small group for the upcoming qualifier. Michelle manipulates Piper in order to assure her success, which works. Michelle fails to see the wrongdoing in her actions and, in fact, justifies them.[37]

With auditions for the final qualifier on the horizon, Michelle decides to see if Piper has learned her lesson. Michelle approaches Alfie and orders him to be her partner for the auditions. She is consequently confronted by Piper, causing Michelle to realize that Piper is finally ready.[38]

Upon noting Piper's detachment, Michelle confronts her. Michelle is shocked when Piper tells her that the reason for her behavior is that she saw Riley kiss Alfie and even more shocked to learn that the event actually occurred. Although Michelle is initially angry with Riley,[39] she decides to support her since she is her best friend.[40]

Richelle michelle amy amanda season 4 dsmn

Michelle faints.

After being assigned both the solo and the trio for Regionals, Michelle finds herself spending more time on the solo than the trio. After getting a harsh reality check from Richelle, Michelle realizes that she must divide her time equally between both routines, even if it means more practice.[41] Michelle is angry to discover that the soloist was actually meant to be drawn from a hat all along, and will not do it in favour of Sloane.[42] Now only having the trio, Michelle puts all her energy into making sure she knows the choreography perfectly, without taking breaks or drinking water. Due to this exertion, Michelle faints near the end of the trio and is rushed to the hospital.[43] After Michelle is cleared in the hospital, Michelle hurries back to the competition and demands to be put into the routine, resulting in Amanda being taken out.[44]

The Off Season

Michelle prepares to return to A-Troupe once more, but is questioned about this decision by Kate, since all of her peers have moved on from the studio.[45]

Season 5

Michelle is unpleasantly surprised that Emily is the new studio head of A-Troupe, and struggles with the idea of having to answer to her. Although Michelle makes it onto the team and is promised to be a featured dancer, Michelle cannot help but believe that Emily is being a poor studio head, having cut all breakdancers and hip-hop dancers from the troupe and disallowing certain dancers from auditioning altogether.[11]

Having realized she cannot be in such a uniform and exclusive group and having confronted Emily to no avail, Michelle becomes studio head of a new troupe, TNS West, and hires West as the troupe's choreographer. Michelle enlists the members of B-Troupe onto her troupe, but remains three dancers short. Although Michelle initially sees to problem with this seeing as there are so many dancers of the studio, it becomes an issue when she is forbidden from putting anymore dancers from the studio onto her team.[12]

Michelle is wary of West inviting Kingston to be the seventh member of the troupe, due to his complete lack of any technical training.[12] Michelle's worries prove true when Kingston is unable to learn and perform any type of choreography and Michelle is forced to ask Kingston to leave the troupe. Although, after seeing Kingston's perseverance through him joining Baby Ballet, Michelle admits him back onto the troupe.[46]

It slowly becomes clear to Michelle that the troupe's lack of funding and resources, especially in comparison to TNS East could threaten their success.[47] While pulling her daughter Amy out of the troupe upon witnessing a childish exercise, Gail discredits the troupe profusely, making Michelle contemplate that perhaps their troupe is doomed after all.[48]

Michelle allows Piper to become a member of TNS West, leaving the team two dancers short.[49] Michelle searches for dancers all the more fervently when she learns that only one team can represent The Next Step at Regionals and that her team will have to compete against TNS East for the spot. When Piper suggests that they hold a dance-a-thon to attract new dancers, Michelle makes her dance captain and puts her in charge of organizing it.[50] But, Michelle refuses to let Piper dance in the competition when she twists her ankle.[51]

Michelle receives a cheque from Emily to help her pay for her needed dancers.[51]


Michelle season 1 2

Michelle stands frozen as Emily antagonizes her.

Michelle arrives to The Next Step Dance Studio as a timid "damsel in distress."[52] While she is kind and fair, she is often a pushover who struggles to fight her own battles, especially when she is victimized by Emily. Although, her compassion and practicality occasionally compel her to put her foot down. Michelle is never seems to understand when her actions are wrong, exemplified when Michelle doesn't understand Emily's anger at her dating Eldon.

Michelle's hubris of envy surfaces when Hunter and Emily grow close to each other. Michelle becomes a very emotionally-driven individual who often lets her emotions rule her life. At times, these emotions cause her to make irrational decisions, such as leave the studio even though her team needs her.[23] Michelle can be immensely egotistical; Michelle tends to be ignorant of how her actions might impact others and often feels alone despite the support system that dutifully stands by her.

Michelle season 3 mm 2

Michelle cries in solitude.

Upon her parents' divorce, Michelle disposition becomes piteous beyond measure and her constantly blames herself for her parents' issues. By allowing her personal problems to rule her life, Michelle is unable to stay clear-headed or focused and eventually becomes an alternate as a result.[10]

Being an alternate effectively shifts Michelle's demeanor, causing her to become more determined to be the best, even with methods that are not necessarily ethical. She preys on those who appear to exhibit the naivety that she once did, such as Piper, and utilizes manipulation in attempt to throw them off of their game.[37][38] Although, Michelle does not do this because she is innately vindictive, but because she wants to ensure that her peers are ready for real competition. Unlike in previous seasons, Michelle is much more candid and tells her peers the cold truth without sugar-coating it.

Physical appearance


Michelle has long blonde, wavy hair from Season 1 to Season 4. In Season 5, her hair is significantly lighter, is shoulder-length, and is straight.

She has dark brown eyes and light, tanned skin. There is a cartilage piercing on her right ear. Her left foot is a 7 while her right is a 7½.[53]


Michelle often wears pink while in the studio in the earlier seasons. In Season 4, Michelle rarely wears pink dance wear and instead opts for black and white. Season 5 sees her return to pink, albeit less vibrant shades.

Outside of the studio, her outfits are considerably girly and chic. Elements of her street wear are often pink, but other colours, such as blue, beige, and white, are also prominent.



  • Contemporary: Michelle's dominant style is contemporary.
  • Acro: Michelle is relatively talented acro dancer. She has said that it is one of her favourite styles.[54] West is amazed by her abilities in acro.[55]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop isn't Michelle's strong style, a fact that she acknowledges.[35] After some assistance from LaTroy, Michelle becomes more skillful in the genre.[35] Hip-hop is one of Michelle's favourite dance styles.[54]
  • Jazz: Michelle is proficient in jazz. Her "Showstoppa" routine, which is a jazz routine, is what causes her to win the title of Miss Nationals Soloist twice in a row. Jazz is one of Michelle's three favourite dance styles.[54]


  • Debating: Michelle is an exceptional debater. When she is not dancing, she becomes a member of her school's debate team and competes in competitions.[56]


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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Off Season

Season 5


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Group dances

Group dances

Group dances

Group dances

Group dances


  • Michelle's signature move is the Hair Flip.
  • Michelle's parents are divorced.
  • She is the first character to have her middle name revealed.[1]
  • She is the first person in fourteen years to win the Miss Nationals Soloist title twice in a row.[25]
  • Michelle hates flies.[33]
  • When she grows up, Michelle wants to perform on Broadway.[57]
  • If Michelle weren't a dancer, she would want to be a large animal vet.[58]
  • Michelle is a good debater.[53]
  • Michelle is a poor visual artist.[56]
  • Michelle is lactose intolerant.[20]
  • Michelle's favourite song to dance to is "Hey You" by Basement Jaxx.[59]
  • Michelle doesn't like jam or jelly.[59]
  • If Michelle were to dance with anybody, it would be Justin Bieber.[59]


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