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Michemily is the non-canon pairing between Emily and Michelle.


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As soon as Emily meets Michelle, she has an adamant distaste for her.[1] She constantly critiques her and tries to exclude her from as many activities as possible.

However, as the series progresses, the two bond when they become dual dance captains of the studio.[2] Although they are never shown to be best friends, they become acquaintances and eventually sort out their differences.

It is unknown how much of Emily's distaste for Michelle is genuine as Emily reveals that, with regards to Michelle and the way she behaves towards her, she has been "putting on an act" and that "[she] really [does] like Michelle."[3]


Season 1

"Get the Party Started"

  • As they hold each other's gaze Michelle stops in place and Emily steps forward.
  • Emily turns down Stephanie's offer to check up on Michelle and does it herself instead.
  • Michelle confesses that she thinks that Emily is a sweet girl.
  • Michelle admits that she's really excited to be on the same team as Emily.
  • Emily admits that she could see Michelle fitting in at The Next Step.
  • Emily nervously licks her lips and looks away after Michelle waves at her.
  • Albeit not wanting to admit so, Emily is flabbergasted by Michelle's amazing dancing.
  • Michelle smiles and waves at Emily when she notices Emily looking at her.

"Everybody Dance Now"

  • Emily welcomes Michelle to A-Troupe.
  • Michelle tells Emily that it was nice to meet her and attempts to hug her.
  • Emily and Michelle shake hands.
  • Michelle sits by Emily in Squeezed.
  • Michelle and Emily exchange awkward smiles.
  • When Michelle moves away from the E-Girls, she keeps looking back over at Emily.
  • Emily appears uncomfortable when making Michelle look bad and has to be reassured.
  • Despite the fact that Emily is the one dancer to publicly call out Michelle for being late and warn her about working really hard, Michelle confesses that she's wary of Stephanie, but not Emily.
  • Michelle looks confused at the fact that James finds Emily's blase attitude toward choosing a dance captain funny.
  • Michelle is anxious about possibly replacing Emily as dance captain.
  • Despite the fact that Michelle was clearly pushed into competing for dance captain, Emily takes Michelle's acquiescence as a personal betrayal.

"Dance, Dance"

  • Michelle thanks Emily for sarcastically telling her to have fun in Studio B.
  • Emily only stops rehearsing her dance to "Feel the Fire" to ask about Michelle's routine.
  • Riley reveals that she thinks Emily is way too threatened by Michelle.
  • Michelle confesses that Emily's routine is very good.
  • Michelle admits that she thinks Chris and Kate are going to have trouble choosing between her and Emily's routine.
  • Emily and Michelle dance with each other.
  • Emily picks up a ping-pong ball to put back in the bucket but just before she can, Michelle playfully turns the empty bucket over her head.

"Rock and a Hard Place"

  • Emily nervously fiddles with the clipboard as she tells Michelle to stay in the back row.
  • Michelle and Emily exchange looks.
  • Michelle asks Emily to confirm that she's in the front.
  • Emily points out that Michelle is beside her.
  • Emily watches Michelle while J-Troupe performs their "Savoy Kicks" routine.

"Steal My Sunshine"

  • Emily and Michelle smile at each other.
  • When Michelle suggests that they go to the beach on their day off, she looks to Emily for her opinion.
  • Michelle looks disappointed when Emily tells everyone that she and the other E-Girls won't be going to the beach.
  • Michelle spends an entire day looking for a necklace so that Emily won't be upset.
  • Michelle asks Emily how Dance Camp was.
  • Emily admits that she's confident they'll be able to sort out their relationship in time.

"Good Girls Go Bad"

  • Emily and Michelle greet each other.
  • Michelle agrees to come to Elite with Emily to spy on their routine.
  • Michelle admits that part of the reason she wants to go to Elite is to get closer to Emily.
  • Emily agrees to let Michelle come to Elite with her.
  • Michelle iterates that she and Emily are getting along.
  • Emily and Michelle stand next to each other when spying on Elite's routine.
  • Emily is pleasantly surprised at Michelle's offer to record Elite's routine.
  • Michelle confesses that she agrees to video Elite's routine because she thinks that it will make Emily accept her more.
  • Emily calls Michelle's offer to record Elite's routine "perfect."
  • Emily admits that it's nice seeing Michelle do something for the team.
  • Michelle confesses that she's while she is terrified of getting caught, she wants to impress Emily.
  • Emily is anxious when Michelle doesn't come back.
  • Emily is relieved when Stephanie suggests that she text Michelle.
  • Emily texts Michelle.
  • Emily gets antsy waiting for Michelle to respond.
  • Emily sends Stephanie to look for Michelle.

"Love Story"

  • Emily acts guiltily when asked where Michelle is.
  • Emily looks ashamed when Michelle says that she got caught.
  • Emily looks impressed when Michelle says she handled the situation.
  • Michelle is amused when Emily asks Chloe about what she's wearing.
  • Emily looks sad when she hears that Michelle is considering leaving the studio.
  • Michelle is annoyed when Emily reacts to Eldon's attempts to go on a date with her.
  • Emily and Michelle exchange looks.
  • Michelle turns down the offer to overthrow Emily as dance captain.

"Just the Two of Us"

  • Emily and Michelle stand extremely close when facing one another.
  • Michelle demands that Emily tell her what she thinks is wrong with Michelle.
  • Emily has no answer as to what's wrong with Michelle and instead makes a joke about her shirt.
  • Emily looks at Michelle and blushes.
  • Michelle and Emily converse during Chloe and Eldon's duet.
  • Emily and Michelle exchange looks.
  • Michelle and Emily stand shoulder to shoulder.
  • Emily decides to do the duet with Michelle.
  • Michelle smiles at Emily.
  • Emily gestures for Michelle to join her.
  • Neither Michelle nor Emily appear to have any concept of personal space when performing the duet together.
  • Emily has tears in her eyes as she claims Michelle has to leave the studio.

"Video Killed the Radio Star"

  • Emily stands next to Michelle.
  • Michelle and Emily smile at each other.
  • Michelle laughs when Emily sends the boys out of Studio A.
  • Emily and Michelle play the guitar side by side throughout the music video.

"Can You Keep a Secret?"

  • Michelle doesn't want to be dance captain because things have settled down between Emily and herself.
  • Despite being told that things are likely to get worse if Emily remains dance captain, Michelle still doesn't want to take over.
  • Emily doesn't look away from Michelle as Michelle walks out.

"Get It Together"

  • Emily reveals that she considers Michelle one of her best dancers.
  • Michelle wants to leave Squeezed when she sees Emily touch Eldon's hand.
  • Michelle doesn't want to see Emily and Eldon together at all.
  • Michelle is bothered by Emily and Eldon getting along.

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

  • Emily is uncomfortable about Michelle and Riley getting closer together.
  • Emily gestures to Michelle as rehearsal starts.
  • Emily sits by Michelle in Squeezed.
  • Michelle and Emily greet one another.
  • Emily helps Michelle with her math homework.
  • Michelle can tell when Emily is being genuine or not.
  • Emily claims that she is talking to Michelle because of Riley, which is a blatant lie.
  • Michelle smiles at Emily.
  • Emily dejectedly watches Michelle walk away.
  • Michelle is really upset when Emily hugs Eldon back.
  • Michelle knows that Eldon is making a big mistake by falling for Emily.
  • Michelle asks Eldon if and how he knows that Emily is interested.
  • Michelle looks disappointed when Eldon says that Emily is interested in him.
  • Michelle keeps looking over at Emily when Eldon is giving his "grand gesture".
  • Michelle doesn't seem too upset that Emily isn't responding favourably to Eldon.
  • When Eldon asks Emily to be his girlfriend, Emily looks at Michelle and only looks away when Michelle looks at her.
  • When Emily gets overwhelmed, Michelle is the only person who appears to notice.
  • Emily is offended that Michelle is in the secret routine.
  • Emily claims that it's time to take down Michelle, confirming that she wasn't really trying to do so before.


  • Emily looks alarmed when Stephanie takes Michelle's phone.
  • Emily calls Stephanie's idea to get Michelle kicked out of the studio 'so mean'.
  • Emily acts guiltily when Chloe asks what's going on.
  • Emily fixes her hair before Michelle comes into the room.
  • Michelle emphatically claims that she would never send horrible text messages to Emily.
  • When Michelle questions Emily, Emily gets flustered and botches her answer.
  • Michelle is really hurt that Emily would set her up.
  • In Talking Heads, Emily smiles when she realises the other dancers have played her and Michelle looks innocent.
  • Emily agrees to let the dancers vote if they want Michelle as dance captain or not.
  • Emily smiles at Michelle.
  • Emily admits that Michelle choreographing the routine behind her back is hurtful.
  • Michelle is the only dancer from the secret routine to acknowledge that Emily had been working really hard as dance captain and had earned the position.
  • Michelle and Emily smile at each other.
  • Michelle smiles when Stephanie votes for Emily.
  • Michelle is upset when Eldon votes for her and not Emily.
  • Michelle watches Emily and Stephanie walk out of the studio.
  • While everyone else is celebrating Michelle being voted dance captain, Michelle is looking at the door Emily just left through.


  • Emily watches Michelle before rehearsal.
  • Michelle wants Emily to feel included.
  • Emily licks her lips while looking at Michelle.
  • Michelle wants to make sure that she and Emily are on good terms.
  • Michelle wants Emily to help her out, and offers Emily co-captaincy.
  • Emily thinks that Michelle won't learn to lead if they were co-captains.
  • Emily doesn't believe that the offer is genuine and is hurt that Michelle would take her position and make fun of the fact.
  • Emily watches Michelle when James is close to leaving A-Troupe.
  • Emily looks disappointed when Deborah starts arguing with Michelle.
  • Emily gets down on her knees to support Michelle.
  • Michelle looks at Emily when Deborah agrees to let James stay in A-Troupe.
  • Emily hugs Michelle in the group hug.
  • Emily is amused when Michelle thanks Deborah for saying she's very persuasive.
  • Emily and Michelle dance to "We Go" in White Walls.
  • Emily is upset when Michelle asks the other dancers for their choreography as she thinks that Michelle is dissing hers.
  • Emily admits to Stephanie that Michelle is not doing a bad job of being dance captain.


  • Michelle is 'kind of' frustrated with Emily.
  • Michelle stops rehearsal to ask what's going on with Emily.
  • Michelle looks disappointed when Emily mocks a dance move.
  • Emily is hurt when she thinks that Michelle doesn't consider her part of the team.
  • Michelle is anxious when Miss Kate calls Emily into her office.
  • Michelle seems saddened to resume rehearsal without Emily.
  • Emily reveals that she isn't mad about the vote for dance captain.
  • Emily admits that Michelle deserves the spot as dance captain as her dance was better than Emily's.
  • Michelle is dejected when she sees Emily hug Eldon.
  • Emily confesses that there's a drive in her to be the best at the routine to prove to Michelle that she can do it.
  • Emily calls knowing that she's mastered Michelle's routine 'the best feeling in the world'.
  • When Stephanie disputes the fact that Michelle wants them to re-audition for their line placements, Emily suggests they do it.
  • Emily looks alarmed when Stephanie begins to leave Michelle's audition.
  • Emily chooses not to leave.
  • Riley says that Emily has accepted Michelle as dance captain.
  • Emily nervously looks at Michelle.
  • Michelle and Emily smile at each other.
  • Although Emily feels she did better than back row, she accepts Michelle's decision.

"Forget You"

  • Michelle stops rehearsal to help Emily with her spacing.
  • Emily and Michelle smile awkwardly at each other.
  • Emily feels weird when Michelle compliments Eldon.
  • Emily admits that although the team as a whole hurt her, she felt especially hurt by Michelle.
  • Emily looks upset when talking about the metaphorical slap in the face from Michelle.
  • Michelle and Emily agree to talk.
  • Michelle is happy when Emily says that she knows why she's in the back row.
  • Michelle was worried that Emily might have gotten the wrong idea.
  • Emily inadvertently reveals that she has been watching Michelle enough to know that Michelle blushes every time she sees Eldon.
  • Emily is hurt when Michelle says she isn't a 'good enough dancer'.
  • Michelle wonders why Emily cares about how Michelle feels about Eldon.
  • Emily turns down Eldon's offer to talk to Michelle on her behalf.
  • Emily confesses that she's tired of constantly fighting.
  • Michelle can't believe that Emily told Eldon about Michelle's crush on him, Michelle isn't even sure if she has one.
  • Michelle looks excited when Eldon suggests that Emily should be in the front row.
  • Michelle agrees to put Emily in the front row.
  • Michelle tells Eldon she's glad he thought of the idea to swap the positions.
  • Michelle isn't sure if moving Emily to the front row is to do with a crush or not.
  • Emily feels slighted by Michelle putting her in the back row as Emily was working her hardest.
  • Michelle announces that she's putting Emily in the front row.
  • Michelle admits that she's putting Emily in the front row to throw Eldon off the trail of a crush she has.
  • Michelle believes that with encouragement, Emily will improve enough to belong in the front row.
  • Michelle admits that she was really harsh to Emily during the audition and that Emily did really well.
  • Michelle is upset when she finds out that Emily is leaving The Next Step.

"Brand New"

  • Michelle thinks that Emily and Stephanie will come back if they talk to A-Troupe.
  • When A-Troupe rejects the idea, Michelle says that they shouldn't go to Regionals at all.
  • Michelle is upset when Miss Kate says that they have to move on and go to Regionals without Emily and Stephanie.

"First Date"

  • Michelle is very upset to hear about Eldon's date with Emily.
  • Michelle knows that Emily likes laser tag.

"We Are Family"

  • Emily thinks that Michelle is right, to the extent that she considers giving up dance altogether.

"Come Back... Be Here"

  • Michelle thinks that A-Troupe should try and get Emily to come back for Regionals as they are Emily's family and The Next Step is her home.
  • Michelle is angry and upset when A-Troupe give up on the idea.
  • Michelle interrupts Elite's rehearsal to talk to Emily.
  • Emily is curious as to why Michelle is at Elite.
  • Michelle tells Emily they want her back.
  • When Emily says no, Michelle confesses that she's been thinking about what she could say to Emily the entire time Emily has been at Elite.
  • Emily looks hopeful when Michelle says that Michelle is the only person at Elite that has come to talk to Emily.
  • Michelle says that she (and A-Troupe) would still have come to get Emily back even if Daniel hadn't been injured.
  • Emily and Michelle exchange looks.
  • Michelle is the last member of A-Troupe to leave Elite.
  • As Michelle leaves Elite, she looks back over at Emily.
  • Michelle confesses that Emily is the reason she can't be with Eldon.

"Dancing In The Streets"

  • Emily supports Michelle by not speaking against her, although she disagrees with her idea.
  • Emily stands by Michelle.
  • Emily and Michelle stand shoulder to shoulder.
  • Emily puts her hand on Michelle's arm to reassure her.
  • Emily speaks up when Michelle is overwhelmed.
  • Emily asks for Michelle's opinion.
  • Michelle thanks her for speaking up.
  • Emily apologizes for speaking her mind as she thinks it was disrespectful to Michelle.
  • Michelle calls Emily's apology 'really sweet'.
  • Michelle tells Emily to be herself.
  • Emily and Michelle laugh and exchange looks.
  • Emily thanks Michelle for talking to her.
  • Emily pushes Michelle out of the way of a dancer from Seeds about to kick her.
  • They stand next to each other.
  • Emily cheers Michelle on.
  • When Michelle causes them to lose the dance battle, Emily claps her on the shoulder.
  • When Michelle can't find the confidence to address A-Troupe, Emily announces that she's glad to have lost to Seeds 'together'.
  • When Emily says that she (and everyone else) is going to send Seeds flowers, Emily and Michelle grin at each other.
  • Emily apologizes to Michelle for speaking up.
  • Michelle cuts off her apology.
  • Michelle offers Emily the chance to be co-Captains and admits that she's been thinking about having Emily as her co-Captain a lot.
  • Michelle tells Emily that her voice matters.
  • Michelle confesses to Emily that she can't do it without her.
  • Emily is left speechless.

"Price Tag"

  • Michelle is nervous when asking Emily about being co-Captains.
  • Michelle implies that she will respect Emily's choice, whatever it may be.
  • Emily agrees to be co-Captains and implies that the offer isn't something she takes lightly.
  • Michelle and Emily hug and Emily appears to kiss Michelle on the cheek.
  • They announce their co-Captaincy together, hugging again.
  • Emily asks for Michelle's opinion first.
  • Emily asks to talk to Michelle.
  • Michelle agrees to talk to Emily.
  • Emily gently reprimands Michelle.
  • Emily appears upset when talking about the fact that Michelle is keeping secrets from her.
  • Emily admits to Michelle that her behaviour towards Chloe was wrong.
  • When Michelle is struggling to keep the secret from Emily, Emily finds a way for Michelle to technically keep her word.
  • Michelle trusts Emily with the secret.
  • They shake hands.
  • Michelle and Emily take a bus ride together, something Emily admits she's never done before.
  • In talking heads, Michelle fondly calls Emily 'such a princess'.
  • Michelle tells Emily the secret.
  • Michelle believes that Emily will behave more kindly towards Chloe.
  • Emily and Michelle exchange looks.
  • Emily offers Michelle a drink.
  • Michelle and Emily converse.
  • They exchange looks when Chloe leaves A-Troupe.
  • Emily cuts off the other dancers when Michelle starts to get overwhelmed.
  • Michelle has faith in Emily.
  • Emily smiles at Michelle at Southside Johnny's.
  • When Chloe returns to the studio, Michelle and Emily hug.
  • Michelle hugs Emily in the group hug.

"Bad Moon Rising "

  • Michelle and Emily are comfortable around each other, as can be seen from the fact that their shoes and jumpers are side by side.
  • Michelle watches Emily.
  • Emily and Michelle stand side by side.
  • Michelle and Emily converse.
  • When Michelle is the only person dancing, Emily is the one to join her.
  • Emily and Michelle laugh with each other.
  • Emily hugs Michelle.
  • Emily wants to know who Michelle is interested in.
  • When Emily asks Michelle who she likes in A-Troupe, she clarifies 'out of the boys'.
  • Michelle smiles at Emily when Emily asks Michelle who she likes.
  • Michelle doesn't want Emily to have her heart broken.
  • Michelle and Emily sit next to each other.
  • Michelle and Emily dance together.

"Can't Fight This Feeling "

  • Emily asks Michelle if she is okay.
  • Michelle admits that it's hard to watch Eldon be so sweet to Emily.
  • Michelle puts her hand on Emily's waist.
  • Michelle and Emily dance with each other.
  • Michelle confesses that watching Emily and Eldon hug in front of her is hard.
  • Michelle smiles at Emily.

"I'm So Excited"

  • Michelle is the only individual who stands up for Emily.
  • Although she is initially skeptical of West dancing with Seeds, Emily immediately considers it once Michelle does.
  • Emily asks Michelle for her opinion.

"Fancy Footwork"

  • Emily confesses that Michelle is really pretty.
  • Emily and Michelle hug.

"This Is How We Do It"

  • Michelle and Emily are interviewed by Lisa Thompson together.
  • Emily says that her relationship with Michelle is smooth sailing.
  • Michelle confesses that she feels the need to show everyone that she and Emily do have a good relationship and that they are friends.
  • Michelle stands up for Emily when Amanda insults her.
  • Michelle asks Emily if she is okay.
  • Emily trusts Michelle enough to be vulnerable with her and confess that she isn't.
  • Michelle encourages Eldon to cheer Emily up.
  • Emily is visibly upset when Michelle and Eldon hug.
  • Emily does not want Michelle to perform a lover's duet with Eldon in front of their friends and family.

"Winner Takes All"

  • Emily confesses that she doesn't want Michelle and Eldon to perform a lover's duet together.
  • Michelle is upset when she finds out that Eldon has told Emily about wanting to be with her.
  • Michelle and Emily hold the trophy together.
  • Michelle asks Emily if their relationship is still intact.

Season 2

"Don't Stop the Party"

  • Michelle recognizes that Emily isn't alright.
  • Riley reveals that Emily hasn't been speaking to her since Regionals, the same time Emily found out about Michelle's relationship with Eldon.
  • Emily shakes Michelle's hand and claims that there are no hard feelings between them.
  • Emily trusts that Michelle is telling the truth about the Challenge.
  • Emily asks for Michelle's opinion and approval on the Challenge.
  • Michelle urgently stops Emily from walking away and puts her hand on Emily's shoulder.
  • Michelle asks Emily if they are okay.

"My Boyfriend's Back"

  • Emily is on the verge of tears when Phoebe brings up Michelle and Eldon's relationship.
  • Emily looks disappointed when Hunter says he wants Michelle back.

"The Final Cut"

  • Emily pulls Michelle aside to ask her to get drinks with her.
  • Emily tells Michelle that she's over what happened with Eldon.
  • Emily admits she's going to make Michelle jealous.
  • Michelle agrees to buy the drinks.
  • Michelle says that she finds Emily flirting with Hunter "weird" as she doesn't know why Emily would do that.

"The Girl Is Mine"

  • Michelle takes notice when she hears Emily come into Culture Shock.
  • Michelle is so upset when she sees Emily and Hunter spending time together that she leaves.
  • Emily observes that it seems easy to make Michelle jealous.

"Work It"

  • Michelle and Emily high-ten when Michelle's plan works.
  • Michelle and Emily sit next to each other at the fashion show.

"It Takes Two "

  • Emily is annoyed when Chloe says that Eldon and Michelle's duet is the reason A-Troupe won Regionals.
  • Emily looks hopeful when she hears that Michelle and Eldon won't be doing the duet for Nationals.
  • Michelle feels weird when Emily suggests the duet with Hunter.

"Never Enough "

  • Michelle is uncomfortable when Emily and Hunter walk into Culture Shock together.
  • Emily asks Eldon if he's still in a relationship with Michelle.
  • Emily is extremely irritated when Eldon says that he thinks he's still in a relationship with Michelle.
  • Emily is happy when Eldon breaks up with Michelle.

"I Hope I Get It "

  • Emily is overjoyed that Michelle and Eldon are no longer together.
  • Michelle finds the amount of time Emily and Hunter spend together weird.
  • Michelle is irritated when she finds out that Emily is running J-Troupe auditions with Hunter, protesting that it should be Emily and herself as they are co-captains.
  • Michelle leaves Culture Shock after Emily tells her that she and Hunter work well together.
  • Michelle admits that it bothers her that Emily and Hunter get along so well together.
  • Michelle leaves when Hunter dips Emily, saying that she doesn't want to see them together at all.
  • Emily watches Michelle leave.

"Time to Move On "

  • Emily chooses to text Michelle when she's stuck in the Costume Closet with Hunter.
  • Emily is embarrassed that Michelle saw she and Hunter goofing off.
  • Emily is upset when Michelle starts to hug Hunter, and leaves.

"The Truth Comes Out"

  • Emily sits next to Michelle and compliments her.
  • Emily confesses that seeing Michelle look so down "actually kinda" gets to her.
  • Emily is disheartened when Michelle is less cheerful than usual and asks what's wrong.
  • Michelle admits that she doesn't want to talk to Emily about Eldon because Eldon is Emily's ex-boyfriend and it might be weird.
  • Emily tries to cheer Michelle up by saying that Emily taking an interest in Michelle's personal life is "like a lunar eclipse - it doesn't happen that often and it's kinda magical" and encourages Michelle to trust her.
  • Michelle trusts Emily to give her an objective opinion of the dance battle.
  • Emily confesses that Michelle's right.
  • When Michelle is torn over what to do, Emily provides her with advice.
  • Michelle thanks Emily.
  • Emily looks proud when Michelle follows her advice.
  • Emily watches Michelle talk to Hunter about why she voted for him and becomes upset (she silently swears and has tears in her eyes).

"You're the One That I Want "

  • Emily is upset when she finds out that Hunter and Michelle are going to a concert together.
  • Emily asks Hunter about his date with Michelle.
  • Michelle is upset and in disbelief when she sees Hunter and Emily kissing.

"Hazy Shade of Winter "

  • Michelle admits that she's looking for Emily because she wants to tell her that she saw her kiss Hunter.
  • Michelle sits across from Emily in Culture Shock and awkwardly greets her.
  • When Michelle tells Emily that she saw her kiss Hunter, Emily stifles a grin twice.
  • Michelle watches Emily leave, upset, and admits that dating Eldon may have been the wrong thing to do.
  • Michelle asks Hunter if he wants to be with Emily and is upset when he says yes.
  • Michelle admits that she doesn't know what she's feeling yet.

"Game On "

  • Emily recoils when she discovers that Michelle left the studio.

"Make a Plan to Love Me "

  • When Michelle sees Emily and Hunter together in Culture Shock, she leaves, claiming that she'll never be ready to return to the studio.

"Just Dance"

  • Emily looks hopeful when James says that he has a plan to get Michelle back.
  • Michelle and Emily hug.

"Water It"

  • Michelle and Emily dance together at the beginning of the "Unsinkable" routine.
  • Emily tells Michelle that her dancing is "perfect" and smiles at her.
  • Emily is concerned when Michelle is called into Miss Kate's office.


  • Michelle and Emily walk into the Nationals building together.
  • Emily and Michelle converse.
  • Michelle and Emily converse and drink juice together at the concert.
  • Michelle smiles when Emily sasses Amanda and Tess.
  • Emily and Michelle dance together.

"What You Waiting For?"

  • Emily wishes Michelle good luck.
  • Emily calls Michelle and is upset when Michelle doesn't pick up.
  • Emily can't believe Michelle's left them.
  • Emily knows Michelle is good enough to take them to the semi-finals.
  • Emily is so relieved when Michelle comes back that she nearly falls over.
  • Emily glares at Elite after, presumably, hearing about what they did to Michelle.
  • Emily claps Michelle on the back.
  • Michelle and Emily hug after Michelle's solo.

"You Love Me"

  • Emily and Michelle sit next to each other.
  • Michelle and Emily dance together throughout the "Unsinkable" routine.
  • Michelle looks five times to see where Emily has gone before leaving the stage.
  • Michelle worries about Emily's injury.

"Danger Zone"

  • Michelle immediately becomes suspicious of anyone from another studio that asks about Emily.
  • Michelle refers to Amanda almost getting Emily kicked out of the studio as an example of how she can't be trusted.
  • Michelle looks up as soon as she  hears Emily's voice.
  • Michelle trusts Emily's decision.

Season 3

"Coming Home?"

  • Emily and Michelle sit next to each other.
  • Emily puts her hand on Michelle's shoulder.
  • When Eldon points out that members of A-Troupe might have to kick each other off the team, Michelle and Emily exchange worried looks.
  • Michelle and Emily sit next to each other.

"Game, Set, and Match"

  • Michelle and Emily smile at each other.
  • Emily asks how Michelle feels.
  • Emily sits next to Michelle and shuffles closer.
  • Michelle asks about Emily's knee.
  • Michelle knows that Emily isn't telling the full truth about the injury.
  • Michelle believes that Emily is strong enough to get through her injury, and that she just needs someone there for her.


  • Michelle is upset that she feels she can't support the team, and be there for them.
  • Emily says if she doesn't take "this chance", she's always going to wonder "what could have been".

"I'm Your Captain"

  • Since Emily has left the studio, Michelle is missing needed support and feels that she can no longer be dance captain.

Season 4

"A Fool in Love"

  • Emily returns to the studio following Michelle's advice.

"Karma Police "

  • Emily chooses Michelle for the Regionals solo.
  • Michelle reveals that she asked Emily to return.

"Only You"

  • Michelle says that she "couldn't be happier" as she dances in front of Emily and Riley.
  • Emily beams at Michelle as Michelle performs a solo.
  • Emily calls Michelle's solo "great."
  • Emily wants Michelle to be dance captain.

"Danger Zone"

Riley season 3 wtm i'll "I'll get to you when I get to you!" - The missing information in this section of the article is to be added.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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