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Miss Nationals Soloist is a coveted title and award granted to the best female soloist at Absolute Dance Nationals. It is a role that is so coveted that James has asserted to have seen Michelle on a billboard for winning the title.[1]


From as early as "Get the Party Started," the title of Miss Nationals Soloist is seen as highly coveted and appraised. This is proven in the manner that Stephanie presents the information of Michelle being the previous year's Miss Nationals Soloist to the rest of the E-Girls.[1]

In "Danger Zone", the awards are distributed to the top three dancer(s) in each category at Nationals. Amanda comes in third in the female solo category, a dancer from Life of Dance places second, and Michelle places first, therefore making her a two-time winner of this title.

Winners and runner-ups

The name beside 1. is the winner, the name beside 2. is the first runner-up, and the name beside 3. is the second runner up. As the number go on, this continues the pattern.

7th annual (Canada)

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Phoebe from The Next Step Dance Studio

16th annual (U.S.A.)

  1. Michelle from unnamed studio

16th annual (Canada)

  1. Unknown
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Amanda from Elite Dance Academy

17th annual (Canada)

  1. Michelle from The Next Step Dance Studio
  2. Lexi from Life of Dance
  3. Amanda from Elite Dance Academy


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