Natalie Krill portrays Phoebe on The Next Step .


Natalia was born in Meota, Saskatchewan, Canada to her father and mother, Rose Krill.[3]

Natalie started dancing at the age of six.[4] When Natalie got into high school, she knew that she wanted to have a career in dance. At this point, she also began to sing more.[5]

Career Edit

Natalie originally auditioned for the role of Kate on The Next Step and made it all the way to the final callback, but got the role of Phoebe instead.[6]

Natalie has acted in various dance and musical theatre productions such as Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on stage. She has also appeared on shows such as: Hollywoodland, Suits, MVP, Orphan Black, and Saving Hope.[3] She was also a member of the J-Cru dance team for the Toronto Blue Jays.[7]

Natalie portrays Jasmine in the 2016 movie Below Her Mouth.[3]

Personal life Edit

Natalie has one sister and two brothers.[8]


  • Natalie loves steak and seafood.[4]
  • Bradley Cooper is her celebrity crush.[4]

Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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