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Natalie Krill plays Phoebe on The Next Step .


Natalie started dancing at the age of six.[3]

When Natalie got into high school, she knew that she wanted to have a career in dance. At this point, she began to sing more.[4]

Natalie originally auditioned for the role of Kate on The Next Step and made it all the way to the final callback, but got the role of Phoebe instead.[5]

Natalie has acted in various dance and musical theatre productions such as Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on stage. She has also appeared on shows such as: Hollywoodland, Suits, MVP, Orphan Black, and Saving Hope.[6] She was also a member of the J-Cru dance team for the Toronto Blue Jays.[7]


Her mother's name is Rose.[8] Natalie has one sister and two brothers.[9]


  • Natalie loves steak and seafood.[3]
  • Bradley Cooper is her celebrity crush.[3]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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