Neutral Grounds is a cafe in Season 5. It is known as Java Junction in Season 4, Hidalgo's in Season 3, Culture Shock in Season 2, and Squeezed in Season 1.

History Edit

Neutral Grounds is receives its name after the owner returns from outer space.

Description Edit

Neutral Grounds is identical to its predecessor, Java Junction.

Menu Edit

Known items Edit

Food Edit

  • Strawberries[1]
  • Watermelon[2]

Drinks Edit

  • Cherry vanilla smoothie[3]
  • Strawberry juice[1]
  • Lemonade[4]

Appearances Edit

The Off Season Edit

Season 5 Edit

Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

To view the Neutral Grounds gallery, click here.

References Edit

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