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Noerra is the non-canon pairing between Noah and Cierra.


Theme Song

  • At the conclusion of the second Season 3 opening sequence, Noah and Cierra pose alongside each other.
  • At the conclusion of the third Season 3 opening sequence, Noah and Cierra pose alongside each other.


Noah and Cierra are friends.


Season 3

"Your New Beginning"

  • Noah and Cierra are duet partners.
  • The two bond over being new to A-Troupe.
  • Noah picks Cierra to be his duet partner.
  • Noah is disappointed from himself for talking about pizza when he tried to break the ice between him and Cierra.
  • The two perform a great duet.
  • The two seem to have good chemistry since their duet went great.
  • They were dancing a lovers' duet.
  • Noah says he is glad he got to know Cierra better.
  • Cierra says she loves dancing with Noah.

"Put You First"

  • Cierra and Noah are seen opposite each other in Hidalgo's.
  • Cierra and Noah are seen together for most of the episode.
  • Cierra helps test Noah's abilities.


  • Cierra is for Noah being in the 2-7 person dance for Internationals.

"She's Not You"

Season 4

"One More Time"

  • Noah and Cierra talk.
  • Noah and Cierra help one another set up for the open house.



Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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