Ozzy is a hip-hop dancer on TNS West.

Ozzy is originally a member of J-Troupe. He is disallowed from auditioning for A-Troupe and is sent to B-Troupe.[1] Ozzy seizes the opportunity to be on TNS West.[2]

Biography Edit

Before the show Edit

Ozzy began dancing when he was four years old, inspired by his friend. After lots of training, Ozzy came to The Next Step Dance Studio and made it onto J-Troupe.[2]

The Off Season Edit

Ozzy is upset that Amanda will no longer be the teacher of J-Troupe and believes that nobody can replace her... until she finds out that the new teacher is Richelle. Ozzy immediately develops romantic feelings for Richelle and is sure that she will eventually warm up to him.[3]

Season 5 Edit

Ozzy is excited to audition for A-Troupe, and is therefore disappointed when he isn't even allowed to audition and becomes a member of B-Troupe.[1] Ozzy eventually joins TNS West.[2]

Ozzy becomes aware of Kingston, Henry, Amy, and LaTroy's attempt to prank him, and pranks them back by teaching them a fictional dance from his fictional home country of Litvania. His prank unintentionally gets Amy taken out of the studio by her strict mom, who witnesses the tomfoolery.[4]

Personality Edit

Ozzy is quite confident, sometimes to the point of cockiness. He is also talkative and extremely flirtatious albeit an awful flirter.

Physical appearance Edit

Characterstics Edit

Ozzy has light skin, brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He wears black-framed glasses.

Attire Edit

Ozzy usually wears t-shirts in blue or green and black sweatpants.

Appearances Edit

The Off Season Edit

Season 5 Edit

Dances Edit

Riley season 3 wtm i'll "I'll get to you when I get to you!" - The missing information in this section of the article is to be added.


Group dances

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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