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Regan[Note 1] is a former member of Elite Dance Academy.


Before the Show

Regan was a member of Elite Dance Academy. She and her team had won Regionals three times and, therefore, went to Nationals three times each, but has never won.

Season 1

Regan performs at Regionals but she and her team lose to The Next Step Dance Studio in the final round.[1]

Season 2

Regan participates in the duet competition, that Beth and James attend, with Max.[2]

Regan performs at Regionals in another region due to a loophole Lucien found.[3] Elite wins this competition and they compete against The Next Step at Nationals.[3]

Regan is featured in the small group at Nationals; her group wins this round on moves on to the duets round, and wins third place at the awards ceremony.[4]


Regan seems quite rude, seen when she gives Michelle rude looks in "Come Back... Be Here".

Physical appearance

Regan has long blonde hair and light skin.


Season 1

Season 2


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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  1. Regan's name is not officially confirmed, but since the person who plays her (Regan Reynolds) is the only person named "Regan" on The Next Step cast, it can be presumed that the character's name is Regan.


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