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Don't you think I know that I have a hard time connecting to people, Noah?

— Richelle, recognizing her stand-offish nature, "It's All Fun and Games..."

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Richelle (occasionally spelled as Rochelle in British broadcasting) is an acro dancer who is the dance captain of TNS East.[2]

Richelle is initially a thriving J-Trouper whose greatest aspiration is to be the dance captain of A-Troupe.[3] Richelle eventually makes it onto the troupe, more determined than ever, but loses the captaincy to Skylar.[4][5] When Skylar leaves The Next Step and Richelle makes it into TNS East, Emily makes Richelle dance captain.


Before the show

Richelle did gymnastics, but started dancing when one of her friends started doing it.[6] She joined J-Troupe and was a member of the troupe for a while.[7] Her ultimate goal has been to become the Dance Captain of A-Troupe.

Season 2

Richelle auditions for A-Troupe. After an astounding audition, she makes it onto the choreography round, but does not make it onto A-Troupe.[8]

Richelle season 2 2

Richelle promises Gabi and Chad that she'll speak to Kate.

Richelle is outraged when she learns that the current J-Troupers must re-audition for the troupe. Richelle approaches to Kate in order to persuade her to ensure that the original members have guaranteed spots, but it does not work in her favour. Since all of the original members, including herself, end up making it anyway, her peers remain unaware that she did not actually get them guaranteed spots.[6]

Richelle is mentored by Emily who provides her with intel on being Dance Captain.[3]

Richelle competes alongside Becca and Josh in a trio competition in which they place seventh.[9]

Season 3

Richelle asks Emily how her knee injury is and about what Nationals was like. Despite Emily's positive reassurance, Richelle believes that Emily will no longer be Dance Captain.[10]

Richelle is envious when Kate asks Noah to participate in the dance battles instead of her.[11] She questions Kate about the decision, but is met with refusual.[12]

Richelle is eventually granted the opportunity to compete in the dance battles after Emily can no longer dancer.[12] But, she loses to Max in the dance battle and does not make it onto A-Troupe.[13] Although, due to her improvement as a dancer, Richelle is promoted to B-Troupe.[14]

Richelle is given the Dance Captain Diary by Emily before she leaves.[15] When Giselle struggles with being Dance Captain, Richelle gives her the Dance Captain Diary have sufficiently grasped its contents.[16]

Richelle season 3 cftf

Richelle reacts to seeing Noah attempting to flirt with Abi.

Richelle doesn't audition for A-Troupe when Chloe leaves, as she is sure that she is not ready yet. Nonetheless, she is hurt when Noah encourages Abi to audition and not herself.[17] It is at this time that Richelle realizes that she has a crush on Noah.[18]

Richelle competes with Max in a duet competition and places first.[19] Due to the victory, B-Troupers and A-Troupers are paired together to create duets, and Richelle is paired with Noah. Richelle is displeased about having to work with Noah, as she is trying to get over him. She attempts to get Phoebe to give her a different partner, but is met with refusal. After encountering Noah's irritating habits, Richelle realizes that she no longer has feelings for Noah.[19]

Upon A-Troupe's trouble with registering for Absolute Dance Internationals/17th Annual Absolute Dance Internationals, Richelle is paired with Skylar to perform a duet to cleanse the studio. Richelle finds the idea ridiculous, but partakes in it nonetheless.[20]

Season 4

Richelle is determined to finally make it into A-Troupe and ultimately succeeds.[4]

Piper richelle noah season 4 stof 3

Richelle glares at Noah.

When auditioning with Michelle and Amanda for the Regionals trio qualifier, she is clearly the shining star. Her performance results in her to be put in the winning trio in place of Sloane.[21] At the competition, Richelle is irate when Noah fumbles during the routine which causes them not to qualify.[22]

Richelle is granted the opportunity to compete in the second qualifier.[23] She is furious when Riley pulls the team out of the competition at the last minute, believing that Kate would not have done such a thing.[24]

Richelle is concerned for Noah when she discovers that he has to get back surgery, but assures him that he will get through it.[25] Richelle visits Noah in the hospital where she meets Amanda in the waiting room. After finding out Noah told Amanda to leave his room, Richelle advises Amanda; she tells Amanda of how she did not want any of her friends to visit her in the hospital when she got her tonsils removed because she looked like a chipmunk, and claims that Noah is just proud.[26]

Richelle runs for the title of dance captain against Skylar and Amy. Although Richelle is determined to get the title, she loses out to Skylar due to her conceit and fear factor. Despite losing, she is congratulatory of Skylar.[5]

Season 5

Richelle makes it onto A-Troupe[27] and is made dance captain, much to her excitement.[1] She is immediately wary of Lola's subsequent kindness toward her, believing it to be a means of sucking up to her for a featured spot in one of the routines. Although, after seeing Lola stand up for her and refuse a proposed solo, Richelle is willing to give their friendship a chance.[1]

Richelle is paired with Noah to compete at a duet competition and believes their rehearsal to be going well. She is therefore irate when Emily tells her that Noah believes she is having trouble connecting with him, not only because he didn't tell her himself, but because she and he both know she has trouble connecting with people.[28]


Richelle initially appears as a confident keener. Her greatest ambition is to become the Dance Captain of A-Troupe and she is willing to do just about everything to achieve this dream. Richelle can be close-minded and wary of change, shown in how angry she is when the members of J-Troupe have to re-audition for their spots.[6] Despite her apparent conceit and bossiness, she struggles with certain tasks, such as: getting people's attention[3] and bargaining.[6] Richelle is willing to listen to others' advice if it will benefit her, as she deeply respects her superiors, but she still struggles with criticism.[29]

Richelle displays a large amount of envy when she has a crush on Noah, as she continuously gets jealous when she sees him interact with Abi. Richelle views her temporary crush on Noah as a hindrance rather than a normal emotion, even deeming infatuation as the reason A-Troupe loses dancers.[18] She genuinely cares about Noah nonetheless, although selfishly; she has stated that she wants Noah to be happy, but not with Abi.[17] Otherwise, Richelle is very much a lone wolf and has trouble connecting to people.[28] Richelle can be prissy, dramatic and judgmental, exemplified with how disgusted she is at Noah's habits.[7]

Richelle's determination and conceit reach all-time highs in preparation for her A-Troupe audition. She goes out of her way to display her expertise and revels in the intimidation of her peers that results from her dancing. But, since Richelle is obsessed with perfection, she is able to commend others on their successful dancing. In fact, Richelle can be quite empathetic and rarely harbours genuine ill-content; her greatest flaw, perhaps, is her inability to make her words reflect her mind-set.

Physical appearances


Richelle is exceptionally tiny, both in build and height. She has fair skin and green eyes. Richelle initially has straight dirty blonde hair, which is dyed brown in Season 3 as well as occasionally curled. In Season 4, her hair reverts to blonde but is noticeably thicker and wavier than it is in Season 2.


Richelle usually wears sleeveless shirts and leggings or shorts when dancing. In the earlier seasons, Richelle wears vibrant colours. In Season 4, Richelle wardrobe grows noticeably darker; she always wears black and dark grey while dancing.



Acro: Acro is Richelle's dominant style of which she is exceptionally proficient in. She displays much expertise in the style, even when she is a J-Trouper, and only improves as the show progresses. Her peers are constantly and consistently astounded by her proficiency in acro.

Jazz: Richelle is proficient in jazz. She performs a jazz solo in "Can't Fight This Feeling" to "Let's Go" which impresses Noah.[30]

Contemporary: Richelle is proficient in contemporary. In Season 2, she is mentored by Emily, who is a contemporary dancer.[3]


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Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Off Season

Season 5


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Group dances


Group dances



  • Richelle loves unboxing videos.[31]


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