I'm not saying goodbye; I'm just saying see you later, because I know The Next Step will always be my home.


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"Riley's Dance" is the 3rd episode of The Off Season.

Synopsis Edit

"Riley performs her last dance at The Next Step."[1]

Plot Edit

Riley off season rd

Riley reflects in Studio A.

Riley traipses through Studio A, reminiscing about her time at the studio. She confesses that since losing Regionals, she has come to think about what she wants for her future, leading her to decide to leave The Next Step Dance Studio in favour of attending business school, something she has always been interested in. Riley begins performing a solo to "Flying," during which she experiences various flashbacks of her time at the studio. Tearfully, Riley confesses that she came to be the person she is today because of the studio and met incredible people who changed everything for her. She further confesses that The Next Step has been everything to her and it will be hard to move on. Although, she confesses that she is not saying "goodbye," but "see you later" because she knows that The Next Step will always be her home.

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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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