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Riley keeps a diary of which is first referenced in "Make a Plan to Love Me". As a part of her list, James has to read the section from the September 3, 2003 diary entry as if it's his own in front of everyone at Culture Shock.

Entries Edit

  • September 3, 2003: This entry outlines the events that occurred to Riley while at school on September 3, 2003. This entry states the following:

Dear Diary, I hate Kelsey. Today I was playing with my new doll and I got it for my birthday from my mommy. I put her down to talk to Laura, but when I came back, Kelsey took the doll and was putting it next to her doll. But her doll was gross and it had mud on it. I told Kelsey to give it back. She said, "No way, José." So I started to cry. I don't know why I'm so silly sometimes. I ran out of the bathroom and hit Bobby G. Bobby's so cute [...] Kelsey took the dolls to the bathroom because she said they were dirty, but only her doll was dirty [...] Kelsey come out of the bathroom, put the dolls and tried to give mine back, but I said [...] And me and Bobby went to play jimbo and it was the best day ever! Riley xoxo.

  • June 10 (year unknown): This entry includes Riley's thoughts about the new boy, James. It states the following words:

    A new boy came to the studio today. He's a little goofy, but he's cute—he's really cute. We'll see ;). Goodbye.


Riley's diary has a colourful collage-style hardback cover, but this is never seen in detail on-screen.

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