In Season 2, Riley creates a list of tasks for James to complete with the reward being that they will rekindle their romantic relationship. Riley presents the list to him in "Make a Plan to Love Me" and he officially finishes the tasks in "Just Dance." It originally has 20 tasks on it, but a 21st is later added.

Tasks Edit

  1. Break-up with Beth.[1]
  2. Read the September 4, 2003 entry from Riley's diary in Culture Shock as if it is his own.[1]
  3. Unknown
  4. Find a four-leafed clover.
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. The original task remains unknown, although it is said on several occasions to be the hardest task on the list; mandatory prerequisites for the task are: learning how to scuba dive, receiving malaria pills, possibly getting his ears pierced, learning how to do magic, learning to juggle, getting a passport, and hiking at a high altitude. The task is eventually replaced with learning how to do CPR.[2]
  8. Solve a mystery quest/riddle (A chicken, a sack of grain and a fox need to get across a river in a small boat, in which the farmer can only carry one item at a time. The fox can't be left with the chicken because it will eat it, while the chicken can't be left with the sack of grain for the same reason.)
  9. Get a driver's license.[3]
  10. Get to know Emily and find out something about her that Riley doesn't know.[4]
  11. Create a dance move and name it after Riley.[5]
  12. Unknown
  13. Unknown
  14. Unknown
  15. Unknown
  16. Unknown
  17. Unknown
  18. Unknown
  19. Unknown
  20. Unknown
  21. Get Michelle to return to the studio.[6]

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