running gag is a joke or a comical reference that appears repeatedly throughout the show.

A-Troupe's continuous loss of dancers Edit

Dance-offs being used to determine solutions Edit

  • As opposed to simpler practices such as playing Rock Paper Scissors, or flipping a coin, everything is determined via dance-off.
  • Piper and Richelle lampshades this in "United and Divided" in trying to determine where the dance battle should be held.

Piper: Then I guess we'll have a dance off to determine home studio advantage. I mean, what else are we gonna do? Flip a coin?
Richelle: No chance.

"Dolphin tail!" Edit

Main article: The Dolphin Tail

"Don't even worry about it" Edit

  • James is the main character to use this phrase, although he has claimed that the phrase is one that has been passed down through his family for generations.[1]
    • Naturally, Piper also uses the phrase.
  • Riley uses this phrase in several episodes.
  • Michelle references the phrase in "Danger Zone."
  • This gag is lampshaded in "Song for Riley" as heard in "Put You First."

Eldon's many love interests Edit

  • Eldon has had crushes on and dated Emily, Michelle, and Thalia.
  • While both his relationships with Emily and Michelle did not last, it appears that this gag has been broken, as he is still in a relationship with Thalia two seasons after its conception and tells her that he loves her in "Here Comes Your Man."

Max drinking milk in Hidalgo's Edit

Max's surprising hobbies Edit

  • Max's hobbies include square-dancing, burping, football, which are all at odds with his stoic demeanor.

Montevideo Edit

James, Riley and mountain waterEdit

Main article: Mountain spring water

Name change of the juice bar Edit

Noah's many love interests Edit

"Oh my dance"/"OMD" Edit

Phoebe's strange quotes Edit

Main article: Phoebe/Quotes

Refurbishment of the secondary rehearsal room Edit

Shawarma Edit

Main article: Shawarma

"The auditions are in here, right?" Edit

"This changes everything." Edit

Riley season 3 wtm i'll "I'll get to you when I get to you!" - The missing information in this section of the article is to be added.
  • These have been named "famous words" by the show.[4]

West's strange quotes Edit

Main article: West North/Quotes

References Edit

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