running gag is a joke or a comical reference that appears repeatedly throughout the show.

"Oh my dance" or "OMD" Edit

Name change of the juice bar Edit

Refurbishment of the secondary rehearsal room Edit

Eldon's infatuation Edit

  • Leading up to and during Season 1, Eldon is infatuated with Emily.
  • For some of Season 2, Eldon is infatuated with Michelle.
  • Eldon grows to like Thalia in Season 3.
    • Unlike previous relationships Eldon has, this one appears to be serious, as the two are still dating. Eldon has even told Thalia that he loves her ("Here Comes Your Man").

"Don't even worry about it" Edit

"Dolphin Tail!" Edit

Main article: Dolphin Tail

Shawarma Edit

Main article: Shawarma
  • James loves shawarma to the point that he is willing to obtain food poisoning if it means he gets to eat it ("She's Not You).

West's strange quotes Edit

Main article: West North/Quotes

Phoebe's Strange quotes Edit

Main article: Phoebe/Quotes

"The auditions are in here, right?" Edit

The Next Step Dance Studio/A-Troupe's continuous loss of dancers Edit

Max drinking milk in Hidalgo's Edit

  • Max is often seen drinking milk in Hidalgo's on several occasions.
  • Max lampshades this gag ("Mixed Messages").

Max's hobbies Edit

  • Max's hobbies include square-dancing, burping, football.

West and Amanda dropping costumes on one anotherEdit

  • Amanda hurriedly dumps a costume on West when rushing to see Max perform his solo.
  • West hurriedly dumps a costume of Amanda when attempting to his her surprise party.

Mountain waterEdit

Main article: Mountain spring water
  • James gets Riley a gift of a water bottle ("Rock and a Hard Place").
  • James gets Riley mountain water ("How It Ends").
  • James tells Riley that he came to retrieve his mountain spring water upon seeing her kiss Alfie ("Rivalry").

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