I'm in shock, I mean... that's my sister. Does she honestly hate me that much? Does everybody hate me that much?


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"Sabotage" is the 14th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 14th episode overall. It first aired on June 7, 2013. This is the mid-season finale.


Kate learns that Michelle has choreographed a different routine for Regionals.


Tiffany emily steph season 1 s

Emily asks Stephanie if Eldon was there.

Tiffany, Stephanie, and Emily are sitting in Squeezed, shocked at discovering the news of Michelle's secret routine. Emily asks Stephanie if Eldon was there and Stephanie tells her that he was, which Emily confesses hurts her the most. Meanwhile, Michelle's asks Eldon if he is joining the routine, but he says that he doesn't know. Tiffany, Stephanie, and Emily head to Studio B and eavesdrop on the conversation taking place inside. James asks Eldon how he is unsure, since Emily just crushed his heart, but Eldon admits that he doesn't know if he could hurt Emily like that, causing Emily to smile to herself. After more prodding, Eldon says that he'll have to think about it and prepares to leave. Emily, Tiffany, and Stephanie exit the premises. After Eldon leaves, West asks the group if they think Eldon will tell Emily, to which they concur, unaware that she already knows.

In Studio A, Tiffany, Stephanie, and Emily are stretching at the ballet barre when Emily spots Eldon. Emily approaches him because she misses him. Riley and Chloe spy on them through the window, but are unable to hear their conversation and think Eldon is telling Emily about the dance. In reality, Emily is trying to apologize to Eldon, but he is too mad at her to accept the apology and he eventually leaves. Emily confesses that she feels like she lost something that she didn't even know was so important to her. Stephanie and Tiffany question Emily about the conversation, but Emily lies that she was just trying to get information from him. Tiffany doesn't buy it and confesses that she thinks Emily likes Eldon. Emily tells the girls that they need to get Michelle out of the studio permanently. Having an idea as to how, Stephanie takes Michelle's phone out of her bag and sends a mean text from her phone to Emily's. Still watching from the window, Chloe and Riley worry about what is happening. Riley tells Chloe to ask, since she is still an E-Girl. Chloe asks the three what is going on, but they do not tell her, assuring Riley that they are doing something bad.

Riley michelle season 4 season 1 s

Riley tells Michelle that Emily is onto them.

Chris gives James a sample math test to complete since his final exam is the next day, although Chris admits that he put some answers on the test to help him out. Chris tells Emily that James is sitting out of the dance, but does not disclose why. Both Chris and Kate confess that the team is fragmented; James is sitting out and Michelle and Emily are bickering. Rehearsal begins under Emily's watch, and it is clear that the dancers are not invested into the routine. Particularly harshly, Emily orders the dancers to stop due to their messiness and yells at them to start from the top. Emily makes the dancers stop again and orders them to start from the beginning once more. Before resuming her first position, Riley tells Michelle that Emily is onto them.

The next day, Riley asks James how the math test was. He lies that he killed it, but after some prodding, Riley realizes that he failed. James confesses that he messed up horribly and is going to be pulled from the studio. Riley confesses that she is upset, as she and James have gotten really close.

Emily season 1 s 3

Emily lies to Kate that Michelle is bullying her.

Emily enters Kate's office and shows her the text that Stephanie sent through Michelle's phone, claiming that Michelle is bullying her. Kate calls Michelle into her office and tells Michelle about the situation. Michelle denies any wrongdoing and tells Kate that Emily is lying. Upon Emily's suggestion, Kate decides to check Michelle's cubbie for her phone. Kate cannot find Michelle's phone in her bag, and neither can Emily when she searches. Riley confesses that she saw the E-Girls with Michelle's phone, saw what they did, took Michelle's phone and hid it, which is why it cannot be found. Kate asks what is really going on and, by this time, most of the dancers have gathered to see what is happening. Emily tells Michelle that ever since she arrived everything has been messed up and now everybody is going behind her back choreographing a routine. Kate asks if this is true and the members of Michelle's routine concur. Michelle eventually admits that Emily is a horrible dance captain who is bossy, rude, loud, does not include people's ideas, and makes people not want to dance. Kate confesses that she had no idea how bad things were and decides to have Michelle's group perform the routine, after which a vote will be held for who should be Dance Captain.

Kate season 1 b

Kate congratulates Michelle on her captaincy.

Michelle's group performs their routine. When they finish, the vote is held. Stephanie votes first for Emily, because she is her best friend and will stand by her regardless of if she is right or wrong. James, West, Chloe, and Daniel vote for Michelle. Tiffany confesses that she feels caught in the middle, but eventually votes for Michelle in order to protect herself since Emily's reign seems to be coming to an end. Stephanie is in shock at her decision. Riley votes for Michelle, hurting Emily the most since she is her sister. Eldon is the only person left to vote. He confesses that Michelle is going to win either way, but that the decision he has to make is still tearing him up inside. Eventually, Eldon votes for Michelle, confessing that he has to put Emily behind him. Emily confesses that she feels lost and as if she could have done more to prevent the outcome. With Michelle as the new Dance Captain, Kate tells Emily that she doesn't want to hear any complaints from her, and Emily and Stephanie exit the room. Riley confesses that the occurrence was so much harder to watch than she thought it would be. The remaining dancers are happy that Michelle is the new Dance Captain, but James confesses that it is bittersweet since he is being pulled out of the studio. Michelle confesses that she is stoked.


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  • The title refers to a song by the Beastie Boys with the same name.




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