Hey, it's Mr. Santana. King of the boogie.

— Santana, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

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Santana is a member of Fuego Fuego Hip-Hop Academy who competes with his team in the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza.

Biography Edit

Before the show Edit

Santana joined Fuego Fuego Hip-Hop Academy. He became a well-known hip-hop dancer.

Season 4 Edit

Santana dances in the one v. one challenge at the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza and wins.[1]

Santana competes against James in the final round and, despite besting him two times in a row, loses.[2]

Personality Edit

Santana appears to be conceited.

Physical appearance Edit

Santana has a tan complexion and dark brown eyes. He has black hair.

Santana wears a black hat, black hoodie, grey and white plaid jacket, black sweat pants, black socks, and white sneakers.

Appearances Edit

Season 4 Edit

Quotes Edit

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Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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