Sarah is an acro dancer formerly on B-Troupe.

Biography Edit

Before the showEdit

Sarah is a part of B-Troupe and has never been in A-Troupe before.[1]

Season 1 Edit

Sarah auditions for A-Troupe on two occasions: once in "Get the Party Started" and a second time in "Brand New." She does not make it on either occasions.

Season 2 Edit

Sarah attends the party in Studio A and shortly mans the beverage table.[2] She also auditions for A-Troupe in "Ready to Start" but does not make it.

Personality Edit

Sarah is shown to mess around in B-Troupe.[3] However, she auditions for A-Troupe three times, hinting that she is very determined.[4][1][5]

Physical appearance Edit

Sarah has straight brown hair and brown eyes. She also has a tanned complexion.

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Gallery Edit

Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

To view the Sarah gallery, click here.

References Edit

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