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The Next Step - Season 3 Trailer-000:32

The Next Step - Season 3 Trailer-0

This page is for the new season 3 trailer for The Next Step.

Trailer Analysis

0:00 - 0:09: Riley and James practice their duet. Then Kate says that she thinks it's time that the dancers knew the truth. Giselle looks upset. Then Tess is threatening Amanda. Michelle and Emily sit next to each other looking confused. Amanda is seen on her phone.

0:10 - 0:19: Amanda is still seen on her phone smirking. Thalia says "You betrayed us once, why wouldn't you betray us again?". West looks upset. Hunter is seen talking about someone who doesn't belong there. Kate says they have no time to find another way. Emily walks away from Riley. Amanda talks about probably the same person as Hunter.

0:20 - 025: Eldon walks away from A-Troupe with Emily trying to make him stay. James follows Eldon and says "I am gonna dance as hard as I can no matter who I'm dancing against".

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