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Season 5 was confirmed by Frank van Keeken on March 21, 2016.[1] Filming began on June 15, 2016.[2] This season consists of 20 episodes. It premiered on May 26, 2017 and ended on August 11, 2017 for the mid-season break. The second half of the season aired on October 13, 2017 and is set to end on December 13, 2017.[3]

Season openings


"Season five of The Next Step brings about a lot of changes for the studio. Since losing at Regionals, A-Troupe is once again the underdog, but that won’t deter them from getting back to the top. As many dancers leave to pursue their goals and dreams, former dance captain Emily steps in to take control of the studio. But her strict regime isn’t welcomed by everyone and the studio quickly divides into two: Emily’s classically trained dancers, and the self-trained/hip-hop crew led by veteran Michelle. In the end, only one team can make it to Regionals and it’s a full out battle between East vs. West."[4]





Season 5.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Skylar zara tyler piper henry amy lola season 5 tnr promo
"The New Regime" May 26, 2017
Some of last year's A-Troupe, and some new hopefuls, show up for auditions only to find that The Next Step has a sleek new look.
Emily season 5 promo
"Go West, Young Michelle" June 2, 2017
Michelle makes a surprising announcement that tears the studio in two, and as Emily puts her new A-Troupe to work, dancers struggle to adapt to her new strict philosophy.
Piper amy season 5 dlah
"Dance, Lies and Hoverboards" June 9, 2017
An unpolished new dancer at TNS West might not have what it takes to be part of the team.
Jacquie noah henry season 5 lm promo
"Leon Me" June 16, 2017
Emily has hired a guest choreographer, Leon Blackwood, to teach a Hip-hop class for TNS East, but when TNS West shows up too, Michelle and Emily go head-to-head.
Latroy briana kingston ozzy jade amy henry 5.05
"It's All Fun and Games..." June 23, 2017
Amy's lies catch up with her, Noah searches for an excuse to back out of a duet with Richelle, and Ozzy shows his teammates who's boss.
Amy piper daniel emily season 5 ngd promo
"No Good Deed" July 7, 2017
Amy takes another shot at getting onto A-Troupe, while a love triangle threatens to destroy The Next Step from within.
Heather s5
"Heathers" July 14, 2017
Piper discovers a new dancer to bring to TNS West, while Zara tries to juggle her commitments at TNS East. Noah and Jacquie struggle to get on the same page romantically.
Michelle henry john riley theo thalia heather season 5 thpp promo
"12 Hour Party People" July 21, 2017
TNS West throws a Dance-A-Thon to try and recruit a new member. Noah and Jacquie disagree on who their enemies are. Lola tries to get Richelle to lighten up.
Ozzy henry elliot michelle season 5 atote promo
"A Tale of Two Eldons" July 28, 2017
TNS West gets their tenth and final dancer. Unbeknownst to Emily and Michelle, Eldon agrees to choreograph for both studios. Jacquie and Lola battle over a solo.
Elliot piper three kingston henry united and divided
"United and Divided" August 11, 2017
Piper struggles to get along with her duet partner. Noah's loyalty to TNS East is tested. Henry must decide if he's ready to move on from an old heartache.

Season 5.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Henry piper ozzy heather noah season 5 emw
"East Meets West" October 13, 2017
TNS East and TNS West face off to see which troupe will get to represent The Next Step at Regionals.
Kingston elliot ozzy heather bnw promo
"Brave New World" October 20, 2017
Kingston and Ozzy discover that Elliot has a secret; LaTroy is given the chance of a lifetime; Noah and Jacquie's relationship is tested.
Josh jade tyler noah michelle richelle three ozzy emily jacquie amy season 5 tcw
"TNS: Civil War" October 27, 2017
Miss Kate makes a shocking decision that will affect the future of TNS East and TNS West; Noah and Jacquie take their relationship to the next level.
Kingston lola season 5 stofa
"Stand Together or Fall Apart" November 3, 2017
Piper and Amy rally the troupes. Jacquie gets an enticing offer from a familiar foe. Josh finds out his time at the studio may be over. Kingston asks for Lola's help to take his dance to the next level.
"This Changes Everything" November 8, 2017
Piper and Amy's secret plan is put into action, as the dancers rally to unite the studios under one banner. Amy's future at the studio is threatened when her mother makes a difficult demand. Emily and Michelle are forced to face their shortcomings.
Promo pic season 5 1
"Stand and Deliver" November 15, 2017
A new dance captain is named. Amy and her mother struggle to find common ground. Heather is forced to choose between being responsible and having fun.
Richelle season 5 episode 17 promo
"Oh Brother! Why Art Thou Here?" November 22, 2017
Josh's brother pays him an unexpected visit at the studio. Zara is forced to choose between her passions. Heather and Piper take their hip hop to the next level.
Image (3)
"I Have a Vision" November 29, 2017
With the deadline for the Regionals qualifier video looming, The Next Step scrambles to perfect their routine in time.
Image (2)
"Snap Decision" December 6, 2017
Lola strives to stop Richelle from making a huge mistake. Noah and Jacquie struggle in their new roles on A-Troupe. Ozzy missteps when the team is counting on him most.
Image emily
"Pointe of No Return" December 13, 2017
The Next Step's hope of going to Regionals hinges on today. Richelle makes a horrifying discovery. Piper tries to work up the courage to ask out her crush.


  • This season has the least episodes out of all the seasons in The Next Step.
  • This season is the first to not have one ending theme.



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