Emily michelle james west eldon season 1
"Please girl, I work this!"
This is a quote page for Season 5. This page is for notable quotes only. Please use Template:Quote2 on each line for written quotes. Since this is a season quote page, quotes will be moved to episode quote pages once the episode of the quote is from is released. Therefore, this page will eventually be deleted.

Written Edit

Nothing is going to stop me. No-one is taking this dance away from me.


I want this team to look at me as a serious contender, not as a background dancer.


Dancing at TNS is my dream. Now I have to give it up? This is totally unfair.


I've never felt this way about anyone before.


I know their weaknesses. I am ready to crush them.


Sometimes in order to do the right thing… you have to do the bad thing.


I'm finally gonna have to choose. Between math and dance.


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