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Sergei is the head of the dance department at Juilliard.


Before the Show

40 years before his debut, Sergei was a dancer.[1]

Season 2

Sergei approaches Daniel at Absolute Dance Nationals. He gives Daniel his calling card and offers him the chance to audition for Juilliard, claiming that he hasn't seen such fire in a young dancer since he danced 40 years ago.[1]


Considering Sergei's short appearance, there is not much to take away from him, although he does seem to be very passionate about dance.

Physical appearance

Sergei is an age-able man with shaggy grey hair, and wrinkled light skin. He is shown to be relatively tall and wears a dark shirt in his short appearance on-screen.


Season 2


  • Despite the fact that Sergei introduces himself to Daniel with his full name, his thick European accent mixed with the background noise makes his surname (which begins with "S") virtually impossible to decipher.


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