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Classic Shantel: always thinks she knows better than everybody else.

Amanda, "I'm Your Captain"

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Shantel is a former member of both Elite and A-Troupe. She is the former assistant captain of Amanda.


Before the Show

Shantel started dancing when she was 2.[1] She passed her ballet exam when she was 5.[1] When she was 8 years old, she got her aerial, and when 14, she toured with a ballet company.[1]

Shantel attended Elite. She was Amanda's assistant captain while she attended the studio.[2]

Season 3

Accompanied by Tess, Shantel to persuade Amanda to return to Elite in Hidalgo's.[3] When her offer is rejected, she tries again to no avail.<[2] This results in her being reprimanded by Lucien, who claims that she let Amanda get away.[2]

Shantel participates in the dance battles against The Next Step. She is unhappily forced to face her teammate, Mackenzie.[4] After the battle, she is hailed as victor, granting her a spot on A-Troupe.[4]

Giselle shantel season 3 ynb

Shantel relays her dance experience to Giselle.

Shantel has trouble separating herself from Elite's ways. She does not like her team members, but confesses that it doesn't matter, as they just have to look like a team as they dance. Upon Cierra's suggestion to do duets, Shantel becomes Giselle's duet partner. She has no interest in getting to know Giselle and instead asserts dominance, then instructs Giselle on the choreography. Believing that the choreography is not yet perfect, she refuses to perform when asked to do so by Phoebe. She watches Giselle perform it by herself, and critiques Giselle's supposed ill-performance of it. As Giselle storms away from her, Shantel snarkily commends her on her "teamwork".[1]

Giselle shantel season 3 iyc

Shantel looks on in shock, as Giselle is deemed the Dance Captain.

When Kate volunteers Giselle as the new Dance Captain, Shantel is angry. She expresses her desire to be Dance Captain, resulting in Kate proposing that she and Giselle construct a trio with the leader of the better one to be the new Dance Captain. Shantel instructs her group members West, Thalia, and Noah with ease, and constructs a dance about sibling rivalry. She volunteers her group to perform first, and is content with the routine's cleanliness. As she watches Giselle's group dance, she criticizes Chloe's lack of hip-hop skills, asserting that every dancer in a routine should be at the same level. Believing her routine to be far superior, she is irate when Michelle picks Giselle as the new Dance Captain andis sure that Michelle merely picked Giselle because they are friends. SHE quits the team because she feels that her talents aren't recognized.[5]

As of "I'm Your Captain", Shantel presumably does not attend a studio, seeing as Lucien shut down Elite after losing at Nationals.[6]


Shantel seems to be unable to empathise with others, as she is satisfied to see Hunter and Eldon battle because they are from the same team,[7] although it "kills" her when she has to battle her teammate, Mackenzie.[4] Shantel has been described by Amanda as "political" and "ambitious" and Cierra has said that she "has her eye on being Dance Captain."[4] This pride is what ultimately leads to her decision to leave A-Troupe, as she thinks that the team doesn't appreciate her talent. It is ambition that leads to Shantel's downfall, because she is unable to accept not being in the spotlight. She is extremely conceited and wants nothing except perfection. She always believes she is right, and is unwilling to take other people's opinions and ideas into consideration, especially above her own judgement.

Despite this, she is a great leader and choreographer. She is seen leading her trio exceptionally well, even providing them with advice and constructive criticism.[5]

Physical appearance


Shantel has dark skin and long black hair that, while in a ponytail during the show, is down during the opening and transition sequences. She often wears pink or red lip gloss.


Main article: Shantel/Outfits

Shantel's dance wear is synonymous with Elite's monotonous uniform. She wears black shorts, a grey shirt, and black socks. On occasion she wears the Elite sweater, even while at The Next Step.




Main article: Jazz

Shantel's dominant style is jazz. She is proficient at the style.


Main article: Contemporary

Shantel is proficient at contemporary. Although when she choreographs her contemporary trio, it got criticized upon it being "too safe".[5]


Main article: Ballet

Shantel does not perform much ballet during her appearance on the show, but she claims to have toured with a ballet company, meaning that she must be an exceptionally talented ballet dancer to get into the company.[1]


Main article: Acro

Shantel is proficient in acro. She learnt her aerial when she was merely eight years old.[1]



Main article: Giselle

Giselle is Shantel's rival. Shantel is indifferent towards Giselle and is therefore unwilling to get to know her. She clearly deems Giselle as an inferior dancer, shown in her constant critique of Giselle's technique,[1] and disbelief that Giselle would be picked as Dance Captain over herself.[5]


Season 3


Main article: Shantel/Quotes


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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