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Skylar is the Dance Captain of A-Troupe. She is an acro/contemporary dancer and is a former member of Elite Dance Academy and, more recently, B-Troupe. She is Cierra's younger sister.


Before the Show

Skylar attended Elite with Cierra. She went Nationals.[2]

Her parents got divorced and she helped Cierra get through it.[3]

At one point, Skylar got bullied so badly that Cierra had to walk her home from school everyday.[4]

Season 3

Skylar is excited when she is picked to participate in the dance battle, but is soon filled with dread when she is pitted against her sister, Cierra. Knowing that their single parent mother cannot drive both of them to two separate dance studios, they decide to forfeit and return to Elite, but Lucien tells them that if they forfeit they won't have spots at Elite. The two are forced to take part, though in private, and Skylar loses.[5]

Stephanie skylar season 3

Skylar listens to Stephanie suggest that she join B-Troupe.

Skylar falls into despair because she now has nowhere to dance. Stephanie approaches her and Cierra and suggests that Skylar join B-Troupe. Kate agrees to this, and Skylar is overjoyed to be in the same studio as her sister.[6] Skylar auditions for A-Troupe again when Chloe leaves, but does not make it in.[7]

Skylar grows upset when she always has to wait for Cierra to finish dance practice in order to be picked up by their mom. Eventually, her mother decides that Skylar can be picked up when she is finished, and that if Cierra's practice runs later that she will have to take the bus.[8] She and Cierra eventually make up.[9]

When A-Troupe has trouble registering at Absolute Dance Internationals, Phoebe orders her and Richelle to do a "cleansing" duet. Although unsure if the duet will assist in any way, Skylar is eager to help and participates.[10]

Season 4

Skylar decides to audition for A-Troupe as opposed to becoming captain of her rugby team. Skylar accepts a pact with Cierra that either both of them make A-Troupe, or neither does,[11] although, Skylar refuses to quit the troupe when she makes it, and her sister doesn't.[12] Nonetheless, Skylar complies with her sister's order to put in a good word for her to Riley, the new studio owner, when she leaves a spot open on the troupe.[12] In the end, the open spot is given to Amanda, upsetting Skylar.[13]

Skylar season 4 dwm 2

Skylar looks at Riley angrily.

Skylar auditions for the trio Regionals qualifier with LaTroy and Henry, but their group is not chosen.[13] After seeing the chosen trio performing badly one day, Skylar proposes to Riley that her trio gets another chance. She is granted the opportunity to perform with her group once more but, despite her confidence, her group does not get chosen to perform at the qualifier.[14] When the chosen trio loses at the qualifier,[15] Skylar becomes determined to get Riley to resign as studio owner. Thus, Skylar tries to turn her fellow dancers against Riley. She holds a meeting about Riley's resignation, where she is confronted by Alfie. Upon the confrontation, Skylar decides to call off the meeting, but still expresses her undying wish for Riley to step down.[16]


Skylar declines the offer to join the Zero Percent Club.

Skylar begins to feel extremely lonely and defeated, especially after she doesn't get into the small group for the second qualifier. She is invited to join the Zero Percent Club, but declines due to her opposition to cliques. Piper assures her that the club is not a clique and Skylar reveals that her opposition to cliques is rooted in the bullying that she used to face. She declines the offer, but is happy to know that she isn't actually alone.[4]

Skylar runs for the position of dance captain. After successfully completing three tasks presented by Emily, Skylar wins the title, much to her elation. She is given the dance captain diary to assist her in her new role.[17]

Skylar attends the final qualifier. After observing Alfie and James fighting over who should perform the tie-breaking duet when the team ties with another, Skylar steps in. Skylar performs a successful solo that leads the team to victory.[18]


Skylar is a bubbly, sweet, and caring girl who is very eager to assist others.

On occasion, Skylar can be conniving and spiteful, but this is always backed up by good intentions. For example, when Skylar riles up a group against Riley, it is because she deems Riley unfit to guide the team.[16] Skylar genuinely cares about her teammates and their best interest, and knows all of their strengths and weaknesses, proven by how seamlessly she answers questions about them when running for dance captain.[17] Additionally, Skylar is very humble and genuine, especially when it comes to her abilities.

Skylar has an initial fear of speaking to strangers,[19] which appears to later be solved.[17] Skylar is a friendly individual, but she appears to be introverted and prefers to be alone at times.

Physical appearance


Skylar resembles her older sister in many ways; she has naturally dark brown hair, fair skin, and elfin features such as a round, rosy face, and a bulbous nose. Skylar has dark eyes and freckles. She has a stiff stature, possibly due to her participation in rugby.


Main article: Skylar/Outfits

While dancing with Elite, Skylar wears black dance wear. After entering B-Troupe, Skylar's dance wear transforms into clothing of vibrant colour and prints. Skylar's casual wear is also vibrant and colourful. As the series progresses, Skylar's dance wear and casual wear becomes darker.



Main article: Cierra

Cierra is Skylar's older sister. They are very close, but occasionally hit turbulent waters.


Season 3

Season 4


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Group dances

Group dances


  • Skylar's parents are divorced and she lives with her mom.[5]
  • Skylar likes baseball.[8]
  • Skylar used to play rugby.[11]
  • Skylar is a vegetarian.[20]
  • Although Skylar is introduced as an acro dancer, she is also said to be a contemporary dancer according to her Talking Heads caption.[14]


Main article: Skylar/Quotes


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