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This article is about the volume 2/Season 3.5 version. You may be looking for volume 1/Season 3.0 version.
James season 3 b "A drum machine? What?"

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Songs from The Next Step: Season 3, Volume 2 is a soundtrack, featuring some of the songs from Season 3 of The Next Step, Season 3.5, in particular.


  1. "Falling Apart"
  2. "Fire"
  3. "Straight to the Top"
  4. "My Turn"
  5. "Destiny"
  6. "Empire"
  7. "The Abyss"
  8. "Flying"
  9. "Watching the World"
  10. "Hotel"
  11. "Take It Easy"
  12. "Miami"
  13. "On My Way"
  14. "Empire Part 2"
  15. "Unusual Mind"
  16. "Something Like a Fire"
  17. "Reflect It"
  18. "The Battle (Whoa)"
  19. "Shining Lights"
  20. "Let's Dance Tonight"
  21. "That's How I Know"
  22. "Clouds Will Roll"

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