"Stand and Deliver" is the 16th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 150th episode overall. It aired on November 15, 2017.


"A new dance captain is named. Amy and her mother struggle to find common ground. Heather is forced to choose between being responsible and having fun."[1]


Zara, Noah, Josh, Kingston, and Jacquie celebrate their new merge as A-Troupe in Studio 1 by freestyling together. Jacquie notes how inclusive and understanding Noah is of all of the team's members. Noah is sure that they are ready for Regionals.

Emily and Michelle speak to A-Troupe in Studio A. They admit that since they are one team, they will need a sole dance captain, setting Piper and Richelle on edge. A vote is to be taken later that day to decide who will take on the role.

Richelle paces in the locker room, trying to gauge how many votes she might get. She is approached by Lola who immediately notices Richelle's agitation. Lola tells Richelle that they should see whose votes they have for sure and try to convince those who are on the fence. Lola confesses that she would like to run for captaincy, but that her friendship is more important. Henry approaches Piper as she leaves a message for Amy asking her about her day at Gemini. Per his request, Piper hands over the phone to Henry who tells her that he misses her, notably referring to himself as "Henny Penny" which is an alleged inside joke between the two. Piper confesses that she is worried, as Amy always answers her phone. Henry steers Piper away from worrying about Amy to ensuring her spot as dance captain. After assuring her that she has his vote, he urges Piper to persuade the other dancers into voting for her.

Heather enters Emily's office upon being beckoned there. Emily asks Heather to combine TNS East and TNS West's files for her; she has an idea to help Heather with her money problems, but wants to gauge her responsibility. Heather retrieves the files and leaves the office, set on impressing Emily.

Ozzy rehearses a solo in Studio A to ensure that he is at the same level as his fellow dancers with the merge. As he dances, Lola and Richelle enter the studio to ensure they have Ozzy's vote. Ozzy admits that he intended to vote for Richelle, but that Piper made a strong case for herself; if Richelle admits that she thinks Ozzy is cute, he will vote for her. Begrudgingly, Richelle complies, thus assuring Ozzy's vote.

Heather finds Henry, Kingston, Josh, and Zara together when she enters Studio 1 to sort the files. Curious, she asks about their activity and Henry reveals that they are doing the robot dance challenge. Josh beckons Heather to put the files down and join them to which she complies, intending to only participate for five minutes. Emily interrupts them to ask Heather if she is done filing and Heather is forced to admit that she isn't. Surprised at her irresponsibility, Emily tells Heather not to bother, as she will find somebody more reliable.

Gale storms into Studio A and asks Piper where Amy is. Piper retorts that she is at Gemini, although Gale reveals that she received a text from Skylar telling her that Amy did not show up to practice. Sure that Amy is in the studio, Gale asks Piper where she is, but Piper professes that she is unaware of her whereabouts. Piper hopes for Amy's safety amidst worrying about her captaincy.

Piper finds Amy in the locker room, who explains that she could not stand the meanness of her teammates. Piper tells Amy that her mom is worried about her, but Amy professes that she would never understand how she feels; Amy and her mom have always had a difficult relationship. Piper persuades Amy to be honest with her mom.

Lola and Richelle attempt to convince Noah, Kingston, Zara, Josh, and Jacquie to vote for her. Before they can announce their campaign, however, Piper and Henry rush into Studio 1 with the same purpose. Richelle insists that under her reign, The Next Step Dance Studio will get back to glory. Piper professes her philosophy of inclusiveness and support. Josh assures Piper that she has his vote since the merge was her idea, influencing Richelle to assert that she will make sure Saturday rehearsals don't start until 10:00. What ensues is a perpetual attempt between the two to one-up the other, wrought with implausible promises. Noah is unimpressed by what he believes to be the two sacrificing the team for the sake of victory. Noah stops the dancers' clashing and insists that they must work as a team, which his peers agree with.

The dancers vote for their dance captain by way of a paper ballot. A few dancers confess their certainty about their decision, however clandestine, and the ballots are cast. Michelle and Emily leave to count the votes. Amy finally meets her mom in Neutral Grounds and asks her to have a real talk in which she is listened to. Amy expresses her hatred for Gemini and how she feels at home at The Next Step. Gale tells Amy that she wanted nothing more than to become a dancer when she was her age but never got the chance and that she wants so much more for her. Amy tells her mom that she is old enough to make her own decisions and that she has decided she wants to be at The Next Step.

Michelle and Emily announce the new dance captain, who is Noah. Noah is left shocked, but is congratulated by his peers, save for a disappointed Piper and Richelle, and Lola. Richelle leaves the studio with her belongings, Lola looking on sadly after her friend. Richelle confesses that she is nothing more than a dancer on the team now.

Richelle sits and cries in the locker room, lamenting about how hard she worked for the title she just lost. Lola enters the room to comfort her, but is antagonized by Richelle, who erroneously deems her the reason for her loss. Lola tries to rationalize the situation, leaving Richelle to deem her no longer her friend and storm out of the room.

Josh sits with a still disappointed Piper in Neutral Grounds and apologizes to her, assuring her that she would have been an amazing dance captain. Piper admits that she misses being such a special part of the team which oddly reminds Josh of a story of when he was hit with his cows' dung-covered tails when going to milk them one day. Upon Piper's inquiry, Josh admits that there is no correlation between the scenarios, but that it at least made her smile. Emily finds Heather in her office finishing the filing. Emily is left impressed and offers Heather a chance to help out with Baby Ballet and J-Troupe and, after thanking Emily, Heather runs out to get to rehearsal.

Noah leads A-Troupe's warm-up. Kingston tells Heather about the amount of views their video already has, leaving Heather even more happy about being able to hang out with her friends with less hours at Neutral Grounds. Henry expresses how tiring the warm-up is to Josh, but Josh tells Henry that he has to get used to it, as it was normal on TNS East. Amy enters the studio with her mom, finally being able to rejoin her team. After hugging her mom goodbye, Amy confesses that their relationship is looking up. The team welcomes her back and she joins warm-up with her teammates. Upon Amy's inquiry, Piper reveals that Noah is the new dance captain, bemusing Amy. Amy confesses that the team is now ready to make their qualifier video.




  • Gale admits that she never got the chance to be a professional dancer but, in "Amy's Personal Life," Gale is said to be a former professional dancer.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a song of the same name by Adam and the Ants.




  • Lesley Faulkner as Gale


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