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Stephanie is a jazz dancer who currently resides in Los Angeles in pursuit of her career as a triple threat.

Stephanie Is long-term member of A-Troupe, but is eventually cut from the team and becomes a member of B-Troupe.[2] While on B-Troupe, Stephanie works to hone her dancing.

She is convinced to audition for the open spot on A-Troupe by Emily and makes it onto the team,[1] ultimately competing at Internationals.

After helping her team win Internationals, Stephanie decides to finally pursue a career as a triple threat and moves to Los Angeles.[3]


Before the show

Stephanie was a member of J-Troupe as a child and eventually made it onto A-Troupe.[4]

On A-Troupe, became an E-Girl as well as Emily's best friend.

Season 1

Stephanie makes it onto A-Troupe.[5]

Stephanie tells Kate of her wish to become a triple-threat.[6] Stephanie obtains headshots for her such endeavours[7] as well as an agent.[8]

Stephanie is the only person to vote for Emily as dance captain after Michelle, Riley, James, West, Daniel, and Chloe's plan to dethrone her comes into fruition.[9] Shocked at Tiffany's betrayal, Stephanie tells her that they are no longer friends. Stephanie comes to the realization that E-Girls is defunct, seeing as she is the only member other than Emily left.[10]

Stephanie attends an audition for a commercial and is oblivious to how poor her audition is until she overhears the auditioner insulting her performance while speaking to the director. Stephanie is left embarrassed, but is able to eventually laugh about it with Emily.[11]

Realizing that she and Emily need a new start, Stephanie accompanies her in auditioning for Elite Dance Academy, not notifying anyone at The Next Step Dance Studio[11]. While Emily makes it onto the team, she doesn't. Stephanie is forced to return to The Next Step, where she is met with initial scorn. She is grateful when Michelle welcomes her back onto the team, and realizes how genuinely great he teammates are.[12]

Stephanie is angry with Emily when she returns to A-Troupe, tired of being her lapdog and feeling betrayed by her desertion. Stephanie ultimately forgives Emily.[13]

Stephanie reconciles with Tiffany when she convinces her to audition for a television show.[14] Much to her excitement, Stephanie gets the role, but discovers that the show is being filmed the same weekend as Regionals.[15] Stephanie eventually turns down the job, knowing that the team needs her.[16]

Stephanie is elated when the team wins the competition.[17]

Season 2

Stephanie is opposed to the idea of the Challenge, fearing that the team will be irreparably changed. She makes it past the first cut, but arrives to the studio late on the day that the choreography is taught for the second portion of auditions. Stephanie struggles immensely while performing the choreography, but feels assured that she will make the team since Emily assists in making the final cut.[2]

Stephanie is devastated when she is cut from the team, especially since Amanda has made it on, and is demoted to B-Troupe. She confronts Emily about the decision to no avail.[2]

Stephanie finds herself enjoying B-Troupe, even though Tiffany does not. She decides that she will make the most of her time on the troupe.[18]

Season 3

Stephanie accompanies Emily to the doctor's office for the verdict on her knee injury. She learns that Emily's knee is unhealed and that she is not clear dance but, despite her worry, complies with Emily's promise not to tell anyone. Nonetheless, Stephanie tells Riley the truth, more concerned for Emily' well-being than about her promise. When her actions result in Emily being taken off of the team, Stephanie met with Emily's anger.[19]

Stephanie is content with her position in B-Troupe and does not even consider auditioning for A-Troupe when Chloe leaves. Although, she is convinced to audition by Emily and makes it onto the troupe. Stephanie realizes that the troupe is where she belongs.[1]

Stephanie is enlisted into a small group routine for Internationals, exciting her, as it is an opportunity for her to prove herself. Stephanie is wary of Michelle's position in the routine, unimpressed by her disorganization. She grows irate with Michelle when she loses the opportunity to do the dance.[20]

At the end of a rehearsal for a small group she is in, Stephanie is prodded to comfort Michelle, who has burst into tears upon the dance's completion. Stephanie works to comfort Michelle about her new position as an alternate.[21]

While considering Beth a friend, Stephanie wary of being assigned a duet with her due to her lack of focus. Stephanie falls victim to Beth's persuasion to get her nails done as opposed to rehearsing. Knowing that she will never do the duet if she does not become focused, Stephanie asks Giselle to help her. With Giselle's help, Stephanie is able to tell Beth that she wants to create a great duet and is met with compliance.[22]

Stephanie becomes terrified of performing on the Internationals stage, but becomes more confident with Michelle's help.[23] With this encouragement, Stephanie enabled to perform in the blindfolded routine and help her group with the round.[24]

Stephanie is elated when the team wins the competition.[25]

Season 4

Having accomplished everything that she has wanted to with her dancing, Stephanie decides that she will move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career, therefore moving her forward in her pursuit of becoming a triple threat.[26]

Stephanie choreographs for the second round of A-Troupe auditions, after which she bids a tearful farewell to Michelle and Riley, and leaves for the airport.[3]


While Stephanie is initially bossy and judgmental, she lacks the possession of her own individuality, mindlessly following anything and everything that Emily orders her to do. Her loyalty to Emily also results in an air of entitlement, as she believes that is virtually untouchable due to her friendship to the dance captain. Though ambitious in her pursuit of a career as a triple threat, Stephanie often falls into complacency as a byproduct of this entitlement, one having to be convinced to merely take an audition.[14]

Stephanie realizes that she no longer wants to be Emily's lap dog;[13] she remains loyal to her best friend, but becomes a more independent individual. Over time, Stephanie becomes more open-minded, proven in her willingness to give B-Troupe a fair shot. Her ambition becomes backed up by hard work, as seen in how much she improves as a dancer while on B-Troupe. Despite her development, Stephanie still doubts herself regularly and remains cynical.

Physical appearance


Stephanie has dark wavy hair, green-grey eyes, and a tan complexion. She also has big feet.[14]


Stephanie's dance wear is very versatile, ranging both in colour and style. During her earlier dance seasons, Stephanie partial to shorts and a pink or purple top. Later, Stephanie sports floral print and bright yellow and blues, also wearing leggings as opposed to just shorts.

Stephanie's street wear is versatile as well. Stephanie can dress more feminine, wearing dresses and floral print, but also finds herself in pants and a simple top.



  • Acro: Stephanie fairly well-versed in acro.
  • Jazz: Jazz is Stephanie's main style of dance.



  • Acting: Despite her poor audition for a commercial,[11] Stephanie able to land a main role in a television show.[15]


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Group dances

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  • Stephanie's family is quite wealthy.[27]
  • Stephanie's parents are hardly present.[27]
  • Many Steppers headcanon Stephanie as lesbian, seeing as she has never been in a relationship with a male character and appears to have no desire to, and is exceptionally close to Michelle in Season 3.


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