Studio A is in The Next Step Dance Studio.

This studio is where A-Troupe used to rehearse and is where TNS West, as well as B-Troupe, J-Troupe, and Baby Ballet currently rehearse.

The studio is currently above Neutral Grounds.

History Edit

Studio A is the main setting of the show until Season 5, when Studio 1 also becomes a primary location.

From The Next Step Dance Studio's beginnings until the end of Season 4, Studio A is where A-Troupe rehearses. Although, after Kate installs Studio 1 into the building, Studio 1 becomes the primary studio space. When A-Troupe breaks off into TNS West and TNS East, this studio is used by the former.

Although the studio is mostly used for dance, it is also used for parties, dates, and other recreational activities.

Description Edit

Studio A is a mostly wooden, brightly lit, some light emanating from a chandelier on the ceiling of the dance floor. It is a very large studio that incorporates an office. The studio also has stained-glass mosaic windows that overlook the dance floor, flanked by ballet barres on either side.

Cubby-holes where the dancers keep their personal belongings are situated in the right-hand vestibule alongside the entrance.


  • A display cabinet containing trophies from The Next Step's past achievements stands in the left-hand vestibule of Studio A. Riley is shown to be putting the trophies into boxes when she, Kate, James and West are packing up the contents of the office after receiving the eviction notice.[1]
  • During Seasons 1 & 2, bushes can be seen through the coloured windows, implying that Studio A is in fact on the ground floor. Although, from Season 3, buildings can be seen through the window, implying Studio A is above the ground floor.
  • From Season 3 onwards, a large poster based on that of the British Government's motivational poster Keep Calm and Carry On from 1939 can be seen in the corner of the right-hand vestibule, next to the office. Green with white lettering, with a Tudor Crown symbol at the top, this version reads: Keep Calm and Dance On!
  • In Season 3, a poster bearing the name Giselle can be seen in the passage on the way to the office, but this would appear to refer to a production of the romantic ballet of that name and not Jordan Clark's character.[2]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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References Edit

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