Emily tns season 1 "I think Kate and Chris's dance is great for two old people."

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She's studio head. Captain of this ship. And whatever decision she makes, we have to respect it.

Alfie, "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

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A studio head is an individual who governs over the studio. While the studio head may also own the studio, the two roles are not synonymous.

History Edit

Kate is the initial studio head of The Next Step as well as the studio owner. After accepting an offer to judge a dance competition in the United Kingdom, Kate offers the position to Riley, who eventually takes it.[1]

After A-Troupe's Regionals loss, Riley steps down as studio head to attend business school.[2] Emily assumes the position,[3] allowing her to utilize her recently acquired business degree.[4] Michelle is later granted the position of studio head for her own troupe, TNS West, making Emily the studio head of TNS East.[5]

At at unknown time, Tiffany becomes studio head of her own studio, as indicated through a phone call Michelle shares with her.[6]

List of studio heads Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

References Edit

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