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I just find it ridiculous that you are just waiting around for James to be ready.

Ella, to Riley

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"Sweet Spot" is the 16th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 80th episode overall. It aired on September 11, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

James is preoccupied with his band and can't devote time to his duet with Riley for Internationals, so Ella helps her let loose. Meanwhile, Eldon and Thalia try to uncover the studio's sweet spots.

Plot Edit

Michelle season 3 ss

Michelle tells the team that she will be staying.

A-Troupe is practising one of their Absolute Dance Internationals routines in Studio A and reminiscing upon the previous events of the season, such as: Giselle's new captaincy, James's preoccupation with his band, the new Elite members joining the team and the departure of a few former A-Troupe members, Thalia and Eldon's newfound relationship, and Michelle still being in Madison without any signal of whether she is returning. At the end, Kate tells the team to take five after which they will take the dance from the top. Seconds later, Phoebe announces that a letter from the Internationals board has arrived, which she wishes to open, as Kate had done so the last time. Despite her wishes, Giselle snatches the envelope and opens it; the Internationals board has declared that every team must concoct a duet, as it will act as a tiebreaker. West, curiously, suggests that he do a duet with himself which the team quickly discounts. Riley and James are granted the dance instead. Riley asks James if he'd like to practice their duet after rehearsal, but he proclaims that he cannot because he has band practice. Though disheartened, Riley accepts this and the two instead decide to practice at 3:00 p.m. Michelle finally arrives from her trip in Madison and confirms that she will be staying at the studio, much to the troupe's delight.

At 3:30, James is still rehearsing with Theo and Luke in the Music Room. Riley enters, frustrated that James is late, and tells him that they need to rehearse, although the band urges him to stay. Riley tells him that she will be in Studio A, and expects him to join her in ten minutes. James confesses that he doesn't want to practice and stays with the band.

Thalia and Eldon are walking down the street. Eldon gives Thalia a map that is revealed to be a comprehensive culmination of all of the sweet spots that Eldon could find in the studio, the Music Room, and outside. Eldon confesses that James had told himself and Thalia that they are not allowed to even communicate until he reaches 30 pirouettes so they are being particularly secretive. Worrying that James will somehow see them together, Eldon sprints away.

Riley is in Studio A waiting for James when Ella approaches her and, upon her explanation as to why she is there, tells her that it is ridiculous and boring for her to be waiting around until James is ready to do things. Riley realizes that she is right and agrees to join in on some fun.

Riley season 3 ss

Riley fools around with Ella.

Michelle is helping Thalia find sweet spots in the building with Eldon's map as the guide. Michelle does not understand the whole "sweet spot" idea and cannot see eye-to-eye with Thalia. Meanwhile, Ella and Riley are in Hidalgo's, stuffing fries into their mouths to resemble teeth. After such an activity, the two decide it would be fun to order drinks as one another: Ella pretends to be Riley, while Riley pretends to be Ella, accent and all. Riley admits that she is actually having fun.

Eldon places a love letter he wrote for Thalia under the bench in the last sweet spot on the list. Elsewhere, James texts Riley that he is ready to rehearse and seeing the message, Riley ignores it; she believes that since she had to wait on James, he has to wait on her.

Thalia is still testing the newly-found sweet spot, with Michelle not feeling any of Thalia's proclaimed energy and claiming that Eldon and Thalia are meant for each other since they are both crazy. Thalia resorts to staying in her spot, and gives Michelle the map to find the last spot on the map. Michelle finds Eldon's letter, reads it, and is astounded by how much thought Eldon put into it for Thalia, and vows to deliver it to her. Michelle returns to Studio A to do just this, but seeing as Thalia has since left, she leaves to search for her. Just then, Ella and Riley enter the studio. Ella eventually persuades Riley to play football (otherwise known as soccer in the western world) and in the process, Riley kicks the ball, which bounces off the left-hand vestibule wall and straight into Kate's office; there is the sound of a loud smash from the office as the ball hits the Nationals trophy and breaks it.

Later, Ella and Riley are being reprimanded by Kate about the broken trophy, who states that fixing it will be extremely expensive and that the trophy has to be in perfect shape for the next team that wins Nationals, since it doesn't actually belong to the studio. Ella cheekily jokes that The Next Step ought to win next year's competition, then, so that it does not need to be fixed, which Kate dismisses. Riley offers to teach dance classes to pay for the damage, to which Kate responds that doing this will be for the rest of Riley's life! Ella makes the same offer, only to be told that she won't be at The Next Step long enough to do so. Her patience clearly exhausted, Kate orders the pair from her office angrily. Riley is astounded by how unphased Ella is by what has happened.

James michelle season 3 ss

James attempts to snatch Eldon's love letter from Michelle.

Michelle is re-reading the love letter in Hidalgo's when James enters and sits across from her. Michelle fills him in on the whole Eldon-Thalia-map-letter scenario, and James is furious, seeing it as a direct violation of their agreement. He snatches the letter and tells Michelle that he can "take it from [there]."

Riley is still in disbelief about what she did to the trophy, but Ella is barely alarmed. Riley, done with Ella's games, decides to go find James; Ella retorts that if she wants to go back to being boring and waiting around for him or for something exciting to happen, then she can. Realizing that her life really does revolve around waiting for something good to happen (and James), Riley questions how she can gain more excitement in her life.

Thalia and Eldon enter Hidalgo's, having been beckoned by James. James reads snippets of the letter furiously, some of which describe how Eldon "[gets] lost in the hazelnut pools of [Thalia's] eyes" or how "when [Thalia dances] he [sees] invisible bolts of lightning shoot from [her] body." Despite Thalia finding it romantic, James is furious; he crumples up the letter and decrees that the two cannot communicate with each other whatsoever from that point on, until Eldon reaches 30 pirouettes. Thalia and Eldon protest and James tells them that he could lower the amount of pirouettes, but that it would make their relationship less meaningful. Thalia and Eldon express to each other how much they like the other, making them realize that they should wait if they want their relationship to work.

James and Riley finally find time to practice their duet. Riley expresses her concern at always being so up-tight and asks for advice on how to loosen up without worrying about the consequences. James simply tells her that she is the sensible one and that he, therefore, never has to worry, which is why he likes her. Riley confesses that she doesn't know if she wants to be that person any more.

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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Flo Rida ft. Jennifer Lopez.

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