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Here are the results! Thanks to all the people who have voted!

Best Character

Best Female Character Results

1st Michelle - 22 votes

2nd Riley - 17 votes

3rd Emily & Giselle- 3 votes

Best Male Character Results

1st Eldon - 21 votes

2nd James - 20 votes

3rd West - 6 votes

Best Episodes

Best Episode of Season 1.1 Results

1st Sabotage - 13 votes

2nd Get The Party Started - 10 votes

3rd Love Story - 6 votes

Best Episode of Season 1.2 Results

1st Winner Takes All - 32 votes

2nd First Date - 9 votes

3rd Bad Moon Rising - 3 votes

Best E-girl

Best E-girl Results

1st Riley - 30 votes

2nd Chloe - 7 votes

3rd Giselle and Emily - 3 votes

Best Ships

Best Canon Ship Results

1st Jiley - 30 votes

2nd Micheldon - 14 votes

3rd Eldony - 2 votes

Best Non-Canon Ship Results

1st Stest - 29 votes

2nd Chloaniel - 10 votes

3rd Westelle - 3 votes

  • Note, these ships are the ships that had their own page when the voting began. Non-canon ships that did not have a page were not qualified.

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