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Thalia is a little offbeat in her own special way.

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Thalia is currently a dancer at Wojdan Dance Academy in Poland.

Thalia becomes a member of A-Troupe and remains as such for two dance seasons. After the team's Internationals win, Thalia decides she wants to explore her Polish heritage and accepts an offer to tour with Wodjan Dance Academy.


Before the Show

Thalia and her studio went to Absolute Dance Nationals at one point.[3] Her team won at Nationals and must have went to Internationals.[4] Therefore, they must have won Regionals the year before. Since dancers from the same region as The Next Step Dance Studio could take part in their Challenge, her studio must have went to the same Regionals as The Next Step and Elite went to. Her studio must have not won Regionals that year.[4]

Season 2

Thalia auditions for A-Troupe in the hopes of getting to go to Nationals.[4] During the auditions, she is antagonized by Daniel, although their one-sided conflict is resolved when both of them make it onto the team.[5]

She auditions for the Nationals duet with West but is not granted the position.[6] But, she is granted the small group alongside Giselle and Amanda.[7] In addition she participates in a trio competition with the two alongside, in which they place second.[8]

When she and Giselle's plan backfires, she momentarily gets the duet for Nationals with her.[9] When Amanda leaves, the small group is taken away from Thalia.[10] She also loses the duet after returning it to James and Riley after they resume dating.[11]

While searching for a sweet spot on the Nationals stage, Thalia is approached by Eldon.[12] After she tells him what she was doing, Eldon shows her his favourite sweet spot on the stage and makes her promise to keep it a secret.[12]

Season 3

She and Eldon become close and the two begin to harbour romantic feelings for each other. She is upset when she finds out that he can't date her until he reaches 30 pirouettes.[13] As it becomes harder and harder to communicate with Eldon, the two create clandestine ways to communicate that all seemingly backfire.

Seeing as she is the only dancer on The Next Step's Internationals team that dabbles in languages other than English, Thalia is picked to perform in the first round of the competition, a routine between three other dancers from foreign countries with the top four teams qualifying to the following round. Thalia, having a Polish mother, is fluent in Polish and is able to communicate with her Polish teammate, Bartek. Her group qualifies to the next round.[14]

After Eldon wins a turning competition, Thalia is finally permitted to date him.[15]

Season 4

After getting an offer, Thalia moves to Poland to join Wojdan Dance Academy.[16] While in Poland, she texts Eldon, asking him if he is in London.[17]

Thalia visits Eldon. She assures him that she did not leave him for Bartek and that she loves him. She is confused when Eldon faints upon her proclamation, but is ecstatic when he tells her that he loves her.[18]


Thalia is loving, optimistic, kind, and hardworking. Although, she is somewhat of a dork, and is quirky and incredibly strange, being one of two people on the show who believes in sweet spots. Despite her primary cheeriness, Thalia can be quite impatient and stern. According to her, she is very clumsy.[19]


Thalia appears to follow an esoteric religion, due to her adamant belief in sweet spots.



Thalia has a medium brown complexion and dark eyes. Thalia, usually in Season 3 and occasionally in Season 2, has her hair in a bun. Her dark hair is wavy during Season 2 and Season 4 but is straightened in Season 3. In Season 4, her hair is dark brown with light brown dip-dye.


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Thalia's overall wardrobe is extremely girly. She is almost always seen wearing a dress or skirt. Thalia's dance wear consists mostly of purple in her first season of appearance. As the show progresses, she begins to incorporate green and pink into her dance wear.



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Thalia reciprocates the feelings Eldon has for her, although she is frustrated that they cannot be in a relationship until he masters 30 pirouettes. Although, it is later decided that Eldon can date Thalia if he wins a turning competition; when Eldon wins, Thalia begins dating him.


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Thalia becomes acquainted with Giselle when she makes it on to A-Troupe, and has been her best friend ever since.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • Thalia is a good singer, but is unable to sing without performing odd movements.[20]
  • She has a southern alter-ego named Gertrude.[21]
  • Thalia can speak fluent Polish.[14]


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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