The Head Slide, alternatively called "The Head Hunter" by Michelle[1], is Hunter's signature move, categorized under breakdancing (and acro).

History Edit

The Head Slide is first seen in "Ready to Start" when Hunter auditions for A-Troupe. From then on, The Head Slide becomes Hunter's staple, and he utilizes it for basically every solo he partakes in.

West agrees to a truce with Hunter if Hunter agrees to show him how to do it, and Hunter complies.[2]

Daniel ridicules the move in "Let the Games Begin," when Hunter uses it during the battle against Eldon.

Description Edit

Hunter executes the move by literally dragging his head across the floor. He says that one has to have the perfect shape of hair in order to do it, although whether he was serious or not is unknown.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • There is a Trick Off segment that features the head slide.[4]

References Edit

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