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The Music Room is a room in The Next Step Dance Studio that first appears in Season 2.

History Edit

The Music Room, as the name suggests, is where the dancers play music and, less often, dance. Baby Ballet classes are also held in the Music Room. In Season 3, James, Shane, and the rest of their band use the room to rehearse for gigs and practice playing music.

The room is first introduced in when some dancers auditioning for the Nationals team are running through a routine choreographed by Phoebe.[1] The Music Room seems to have replaced Studio B in terms of its purpose, but is far bigger and alternatively decorated, so it is unlikely that it is simply a remodelled version of the former.

The Music Room is where James and Beth practice their duet (and eventually kiss) and is also where James performs a dance for Riley. It becomes a major location in Season 2, from then on, and becomes a recreational hangout as well as an area for constructive dancing and music-playing.

As of Season 4, the Music Room is no longer in use. It is replaced by the Rehearsal Room.


The Music Room is a dull peach- and indigo-walled, wooden-floored, spacious room. Instruments such as James's drum set, a keyboard, and occasionally a guitar can be seen in the room. Ballet barres are also in the room and mirrors are situated behind the door. There are two navy blue chairs that are also occasionally seen in the room.

The Music Room holds a costume closet within it. The costume closet's door cannot be opened from the inside, on one occasion causing Hunter and Emily to be locked in.[2]

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References Edit

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