The Next Step Dance Academy is an app, released worldwide in December 2014.  


Introducing The Next Step Dance Academy01:15

Introducing The Next Step Dance Academy


The new iPad app with over 3 hours of interactive dance lessons from The Next Step cast!


A cast member has two dance styles to teach the player. The jazz lesson is free, whilst the other dance styles cost real money. In each dance style, there is a warm-up, part one, part two, part three, part four, review and a dance-along. Once you have completed the dance style, you get a badge. If you get all 10 badges, you "become a member of A-Troupe".


  1. Jazz with Thalia
  2. Lyrical with Thalia
  3. Street style with James
  4. Breakdance with James
  5. Broadway with Giselle
  6. Ballet with Giselle
  7. Pop & Lock with Eldon
  8. Freestyle with Eldon
  9. Hip Hop with Riley
  10. Contemporary with Riley




  • West (hip-hop only; assistant teacher)

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