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The whole Next Step has really gone up.

Giselle, in "Today I'm Getting Over You"

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The Next Step Dance Studio (or simply The Next Step) is the studio in which the series is based, which is lcoated a floor above Lost & Found Music Studios. The studio is currently owned by Kate, with Emily as the head of TNS East, and Michelle the head of TNS East.[5]

Cathy is the foundress of the studio and acts as the head and owner until her retirement. Upon her retirement, her daughter, Kate, assumes the positions. When Kate leaves to become a judge for a dance competition in the United Kingdom, she retains ownership but appoints Riley as the leader.[6]

The Next Step Dance Studio is once considered the best dance studio in the world, until their title is taken by Gemini Dance Studio.[7][8]



Before it was a dance studio, the building was used as a chicken processing factory.[9] It was established as a studio by Cathy in the late 1980s.[10] At some point, Lucien became an enemy to the studio.

Early stages

As the amount of dancers grew, different troupes were integrated into the studio in 1995: Baby Ballet, J-Troupe, B-Troupe, and A-Troupe, the troupe that competes in major competitions.

The Next Step won the 7th annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition once, but lost during the small group round at the following 7th annual Absolute Dance Nationals competition, the only Nationals competition they had been to.[11]

In 2006, Chris was hired as head choreographer[10] and in 2013, Kate took the role of studio owner from her mother.[10]

Season 1

The Next Step's A-Troupe is preparing for the 17th annual Regionals competition under the guidance of Dance Captain, Emily. After much tension and dispute, newcomer Michelle eventually takes Emily's title of Dance Captain, although the two later become co-captains and govern the studio concurrently.[12] At Regionals, The Next Step is eliminated during their round against Dance Inc., but return to the competition after obtaining the wildcard.[13] After competing against rivals Elite Dance Academy in the finals, The Next Step is finally victorious after 10 years.

Season 2

Having gained a new reputation, Chris has become marketable, and leaves The Next Step to become co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy, a rival studio. Kate replaces him with her sister, Phoebe.[14] During a dark period in mid-Season 2, Michelle leaves the studio and Emily becomes distrusted; Amanda becomes the studio's Dance Captain momentarily. This is later resolved entirely.

At Nationals, The Next Step's chances at competing in the final round are tested when Emily injures her knee in the semi-finals,[15] but Amanda steps in and the team is able to compete in the finals.[4] The team wins the Nationals for the first time ever. The celebration is cut short when the dancers discover that they have been evicted from their studio.[4]

Season 3

The building in which the studio is housed is bought by none other than Lucien in an attempt to squander the studio's chances at garnering an International title.[16] Dance battles must be done to settle the dispute, and Emily must leave the studio for the season due to her still unhealed knee,[17] leaving Michelle as the sole Dance Captain. Thankfully, Lucien's plan backfires, and Kate is able to keep the studio. With worsening problems at home, Michelle steps down as Dance Captain and Giselle is granted the title.[18]

For the first time ever, The Next Step goes to Internationals.[19] The team also wins the competition, making The Next Step Absolute Dance International champions for the first time.[7]

Season 4

Kate steps down as studio head to judge a dance competition in the United Kingdom. Riley becomes the new studio head.[6]

The studio has to win a qualifier in order to compete as the 18th annual Regionals. Due to Noah's untreated back injury, the team does not place high enough to qualify in the first qualifier.[20] Riley pulls the team out of the second qualifier, fearing that they will lose a dancer due to the rule that the winning team can poach a dancer from another team.[21] At the final qualifier, the studio is victorious and qualifies to Regionals.[22]

The Next Step loses Regionals in the finals to Gemini.[23]


The studio

The spacious studio is located in an old, russet-bricked building above Lost & Found Music Studios. It is directly above Java Junction. Within The Next Step Dance Studio are numerous studios: Studio A, equipped with Riley's office; Studio B, which is no longer in use; the Music Room with the accompanying Costume Closet, which are both no longer in use; the Lounge; and the Rehearsal Room.

A sporting goods store is mentioned to be upstairs in "Dance, Dance." However, the store is never referred again in future episodes.


The Next Step members receive uniforms in "Work It," which are designed by Zoltan and Minnow. There is a different colour for each troupe: A-Troupe's are purple and blue; B-Troupe's are blue; J-Troupe's are red; and Baby Ballet's are pink. All of the uniforms have the initials TNS on the left breast of the zip-up top, as well as the troupe's name on the upper sleeves and The Next Step Dance Studio on the back. All members of The Next Step get these uniforms after they join, as of "Work It".



Studio owner

Studio head

Head choreographer


Studio owner

Studio head

Head choreographer



TNS East

TNS West





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