The Next Step Souvenir Book is a book that is available only at The Next Step: Wild Rhythm Tour.

Official blurb

"Join us on a journey into The Next Step Dance Studio. Find out all about your favourite dancers and actors. See never before behind-the-scenes photos of the show as well as the actors on the show. It's the perfect way to get to know The Next Step."


The Next Step Souvenir Book features a majority of the dancers that attend The Next Step as well as the actors or actresses of them. On each double-page is a different character. Questions are written and the characters' answers are written.

Layout of pages

On each double page, there is a character (on the left) and the actor/actress of the character (on the right). There are many pictures of the characters/actors/actresses on the pages. Near the top, there are five questions, which are answered from the character's point of view and the actor/actress. Questions vary from page to page.


  • Emily and Riley have a younger brother named Matty.
  • Kate and Phoebe's mother is named Cathy.
  • The Next Step Dance Studio was opened by Cathy in the late 1980s.
  • Cathy started A-Troupe in 1995.
  • B-Troupe was started by Cathy in 1997.
  • J-Troupe was opened up in 2005.
  • Chris was employed as Head Choreographer in 2006 (he was initially employed to teach J-Troupe).
  • Cathy retired in 2013 and made Kate the Studio Owner of The Next Step.
  • Giselle has a sister named Jennie. She is called Jennie in the book, but Clara in Lost & Found.
  • Giselle's parents are divorced.
  • Chloe, Stephanie and Michelle are only children.
  • James' best friends are West, Eldon and Riley.
  • Eldon's favourite food is marzipan.
  • Eldon has two brothers.
  • West has five other siblings.
  • Daniel's favourite food is green smoothies.
  • Emily's best friends are West and Riley.
  • Amanda wants to be a dancer and a political scientist.
  • Thalia has four older brothers.
  • If he weren't a dancer, Hunter would be a hockey player.
  • Stephanie wants to be a model or an actress.
  • Chloe's best friends are all of the girls that are on A-Troupe.
  • Tiffany has a younger brother.
  • Beth is the oldest child of three sisters.
  • Charlie doesn't have a best friend.
  • Richelle's idol is Emily.
  • Noah has two older brothers.
  • Gabi has one sister named Becca.
  • Camille's best friend is Gabi.
  • Becca's favourite food is macaroni cheese.
  • Kate's best friend is Phoebe.
  • Phoebe's favourite holiday is Earth Day.
  • Lucien has two younger brothers.