Users may create fanfiction. Fanfiction does not necessarily need to center around pairings, but they may. The rules are below. If these rules are not followed on any fanfiction, an administrator will delete it, possibly without warning.


  1. Add a page with the title "The Next Step Wiki:Fanfiction/[insert name here]" so other users know that this it is organized and clear.
  2. Add and fill out the Fanfiction template.
  3. Once you have finished creating the page, please add it to the "Fanfictions" category. You may not add other categories to your fanfiction.
  4. Add and fill out the Fanfiction template.
  5. Please add a brief synopsis of your fanfic at the top of the page.


  1. The most intimate action your characters can share is a kiss.
  2. Your characters have to be from The Next Step or Lost & Found Music Studios, meaning that crossovers with other shows are not allowed. Although, original characters are permitted.
  3. No swearing or otherwise inappropriate language is permitted.
  4. Do not edit another person's fanfiction. Admins are the only people, other than the creator of the fanfiction, that can edit a fanfiction.
  5. No plagiarism.
  6. No leaving mean comments on other people's fanfics — only constructive criticism is allowed.

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