Hello! If you have come here, that means that you wish to get a review of one of your fanfictions. Perhaps you want to know where your fanfiction stands, or wish to improve your writing. Whatever reason you have for wanting a review, you came to the right place.

Can I request a review for any fanfiction? How long will it take to be reviewed? Edit

Your fanfiction MUST BE COMPLETED to be reviewed. Expect a review of your fanfiction anywhere from a day to a week after your request. When you request a review, the fanfiction will be put under Category:Fanfictions awaiting review. You may only request one review per fanfiction at this time. Once reviewed, your fanfiction will be added to Category:Reviewed fanfictions. Reviews will be posted onto your message wall, with the fanfiction title being the title of the message.

What will the review be comprised of? Edit

A fanfiction review will include a rating (anywhere from 0 - 5 dance shoes) and commentary (i.e. discussing the layout, critiquing the story). This commentary will be constructive, but note that the reviewer has no intention of being mean. In applying for a review, note that you MUST BE WILLING TO READ CRITICISM.

Who is on the team of fanfiction reviewers? Can I be a member? Edit

There is currently only one fanfiction reviewer, Kan014, although the team will grow. If you wish to apply to be a reviewer, click here. You may be wondering what credentials the current member(s) of the fanfiction reviewers have to be reviewing your fanfictions. Below, a summary of the member(s)' credentials have been added, to assure you that whoever is reviewing your fanfiction is more than capable:

  • Kan014: While she may only be entering her senior year of high school in the coming school year, Kan014 is an aspiring novelist, screenwriter, and director who hopes to major in film and English upon entrance to university. Kan014 has been taking Advanced Placement English for two consecutive years, earning a 100% as her final grade just this year, and earning the highest score possible on the 2017 AP Language and Composition exam. Having also taken almost 11 years of French, Kan014 is also well-versed in this language. Kan014 has also written articles for her school newsletter and for various websites and initiatives, and can be found on Goodreads and Letterboxd, regularly writing book and movie reviews.

How do I request a review?Edit

Below the dotted line, please write your request by adding a topic. Ensure to state which of the members of the team you wish to receive a review from, and provide a link for the fanfiction you want to be reviewed. Also include your signature at the end.


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