Make me look good in that direction.

Noah, to Chloe

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"The Nutcracker Prince" is the 9th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 73rd episode overall. It aired on March 25, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Eldon challenges West to audition for a ballet company.

Plot Edit

Eldon west season 3

Eldon challenges West to audition for La Ballet de la Reine.

Eldon is practicing ballet in the studio when West walks in. West starts giving Eldon criticism, however he doesn't know what he’s talking about because he’s a hip-hop dancer. Eldon challenges West to audition for a role in La Ballet de la Reine's The Nutcracker if he “thinks he knows so much about ballet.” West graciously accepts.

West is practicing "ballet" in the Music Room, and Chloe walks in. West tells Chloe he is auditioning for The Nutcracker and Chloe offers to help him practice for the upcoming audition.

James riley season 3 tnp

Riley and James converse about whether James is re-joining A-Troupe or not.

James and Riley are in Hidalgo's, discussing James’s offer to be a part of A-Troupe again. James is wary of rejoining the troupe because he doesn't want to juggle the band and dance, and confesses that someone who is 100% sure they want to be in it should get the opportunity to join. Meanwhile, Chloe gets Noah and Abi to help her teach West ballet. Before starting, Noah asks Chloe to make him look good in Abi's direction and she concurs. West enters rowdily and Chloe tells him he needs to act more professionally, as ballet is refined, to which he complies. The tutelage begins, and remembering Noah's request, Chloe squeezes his face and calls him cute, making Abi laugh as opposed to impressing her. West struggles to lift his leg, and Noah lifts his without helping West as an attempt to impress Abi, but it fails, because West becomes angry that Noah is showing off and making him feel inferior.

At Hidalgo's, Max is sitting alone. Seeing this, Giselle invites him to get pizza with the rest of the troupe later, but he declines and leaves. Giselle remains worried about him.

West season 3 tnp

West reveals that he is nervous about the audition.

Chloe is showing West ballet moves in the music room, and he is doing admittedly well. Eldon enters then, and begins questioning West's ability to perform ballet, making him feel extremely inadequate and nervous. Chloe decides to audition with him to calm his nerves.

Riley is sitting with Michelle in Hidalgo's where James is supposed to meet her so that they can talk about him rejoining A-Troupe, but he is late. Riley leaves, having to meet Emily, and Michelle tells her that she will notify James that she left if she seems him. Although, she confesses that time is ticking.

Chloe and West are at the auditions. The artistic director, Sonia Rodriguez, walks in and starts eliminating people before they've even start, making them realize the calibre she holds dance at. As she approaches West, he is sure he is a goner, but she merely adjusts his arm.

Giselle season 3 tnp

Giselle watches Max dance.

Back at the studio, the dancers realize that West and Chloe made it past the third round, surprising Eldon. The dancers disperse to go to Hidalgo's although Max stays behind. Giselle asks him if he'll be in the studio for long, and he responds that he'll be okay. He proceeds to practice his dancing, which Giselle finds admirable, and she decides to leave him alone.

West and Chloe have made it to the final round and West does his solo audition. He says in Talking Heads that even if he doesn't make it, he is proud of how far he has come. James is in the music room, questioning whether to rejoin A-Troupe or not. He performs a solo, and afterwards, is sure that he has made his decision.

West season 3 tnp 2

West watches Chloe audition.

Chloe auditions and West realizes just how talented at ballet she is. She confesses that she has missed doing just ballet and is glad that she auditioned.

Eldon is in the studio when West runs in with an envelope from the ballet audition. He opens it expecting a message of acceptance, while Eldon expects a denial. West opens it, reads it, and immediately crumples the letter (implying it was a denial).

Riley sees James walk out of the Music Room and asks James where he is going. He drags her along and says he knows what his decision is. James approaches the group and says he's coming back to the Internationals team. They are all ecstatic. Then,West pulls Chloe aside and gives her the letter he crumpled up. Upon opening it, Chloe realizes she made it, much to her ecstasy and dismay. She realizes that she cannot choose both the position and Internationals, since the tour and the competition take place at the same time.

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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Tchaikovsky.

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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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