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The Off Season is the interlude mini-season between Season 4 and Season 5, albeit closer to Season 5 in terms of the timeline. It is comprised of 15 1 minute long episodes that provide sneak peeks into Season 5 and the lives of its new characters. The episodes are available on the Family App and THE NEXT STEP YouTube Channel. The episodes on YouTube are daily uploaded.


No. in Season Image Title
Riley emily michelle tos cs 2
"Clean Start"
Riley and Michelle talk in Java Junction.
The off season episode 2 amy and mum
"Amy's Personal Life"
Amy talks to her mom about next season.
Riley's Last Dance
"Riley's Dance"
Riley performs her last dance at The Next Step.
Richelle's Secret
"Richelle's Secret"
Richelle watches Kingston's unboxing video.
Untitled (10)
"Noah's New Crush"
Noah and Jacquie meet at a dance workshop.
The off season episode 6 emily and kate
"Ms. Kate's New Studio"
Kate and Emily talk about expanding TNS.
The off season episode 7 richelle and ozzy
"Crushing on Richelle"
Ozzy dreams about dancing with Richelle.
8 "Daniel and West's Duet"
West and Daniel duet in Studio A.
9 "Dance Secrets"
Heather interviews for a job at Neutral Grounds.
The off season episode 10 richelle en pointe
"Richelle on Pointe"
Richelle shops for pointe shoes.
11 "Suspicious Emily"
Michelle spots Emily in Neutral Grounds.
Amy lola the off season episode 12
"New Girl Lola"
Piper, LaTroy and Amy meet Lola in Studio A.
13 "Dance Over Hockey"
Josh plays hockey with his brother.
14 "Rehearsing for A-Troupe"
Zara and Jacquie rehearse for A-Troupe auditions.
15 "Michelle's Return"
Michelle and Miss Kate talk in Studio A.


The nature of the season reveals information about the current and upcoming characters:

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