Daniel betrayed our friendship, and he's gonna pay for it.


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"The Times They Are A Changin'" is the 6th episode in Season 3 on The Next Step and the 70th episode overall. It aired on March 20, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Dancers from The Next Step and Elite vie for the final spots on A-Troupe.

Plot Edit

Mackenzie, an Elite dancer, is dancing in the competition. The Next Step is currently leading 4-3 with 5 more dance battles to go, but Mackenzie is dancing fellow dancer Shantel, meaning that a tie is imminent, and that a new face will be on A-Troupe. As Shantel competes, Kate confesses that Shantel is immensely concentrated and that she can tell the competition is solely on Shantel's mind. After a close battle, Shantel is picked to be the new member.

Nick season3 episode 6

Nick tumbles and poses.

Now tied, Jen takes the floor to compete against Chloe. As she dances, Chloe confesses how nervous she is, as A-Troupe means the world to her. Jen finishes moments later, and Chloe takes the floor. Eldon confesses that he doesn't want Chloe to go, as she assisted the team in winning both and Absolute Dance Regionals and Absolute Dance Nationals. As Chloe continues to dance, she claims that "something takes over" and she begins dancing exceptionally. Being the obvious winner, Chloe is voted onto the team. Next is Nick from Elite, who is to dance against Thalia. Thalia grows nervous as Nick dances, especially when he performs a layout, as Thalia cannot do one. Nick finishes, and before Thalia takes the floor, Eldon wishes her good luck. As Thalia dances, Eldon confesses that he wants Thalia to make it because, not only is she an amazing dancer, but because it is nice having her around. Thankfully, Thalia wins, giving The Next Step a 6-4 lead over Elite. This means that if one more TNS member wins, the studio remains Kate's. Thalia picks Tess's name from the hat, and she picks Amanda's. This battle is important because it could make or break Kate's ownership of the studio.

Straight to the top 2

Tess battles Amanda.

Tess competes in the competition, and does quite well. When she finishes, it is Amanda's turn. Amanda is doing amazingly; Riley says in Talking Heads that she has never seen Amanda dance so well. After the solo, Tess knows that Amanda is the winner and runs out of the studio. The dancers celebrate, with Kate content that she now officially has the studio in her custody. Although, one battle remains between Giselle and Daniel.

Emily is sitting in Hidalgo's, putting her finishing touches in the Dance Captain Diary, a book which holds the collective wisdom of every Dance Captain who has graced the studio. It's a secret diary, only known of by the Dance Captains; Emily hides it when Riley sits down with her. Riley confesses that it's weird not having Emily and James around, and tells Emily as much. Riley leaves then, and Emily continues to write in the diary, which is acting as a coping mechanism for her departure from A-Troupe.

The battle is to commence. Before he performs, Daniel wishes Giselle good luck which she ignores, seeing it as nothing more than a mind game. He dances, then. Chloe confesses that while Daniel is a great dancer, he is not a team player, and goes on to say that she hopes that Giselle wins. Giselle dances after Daniel finishes; a dance that surprises everybody, as she is performing with an intensity and power that nobody was aware of. She finishes the dance in front of Daniel, intimidating him. With a unanimous vote, Giselle wins. She confesses that it is a great feeling, as she was in A-Troupe, B-Troupe, back to A-Troupe; she believes that it is her time. With the competition over, Lucien leaves the studio, confessing that it isn't the last Kate has seen of him. The Internationals team celebrates.

As Thalia and Eldon are leaving the studio, Eldon congratulates Thalia. Eldon confesses that ever since Nationals, something has been different between them. Eldon tells Thalia that he would have been bothered if she didn't make it, and she reveals that she feels the same way. Eldon hopes that this means that she likes him back.

Emily richelle season 3 2

Emily gives Richelle the Dance Captain Diary.

Emily approaches Richelle who is sitting in Studio A. She gives Richelle the Dance Captain Diary, which confuses Richelle since she isn't Dance Captain, or in A-Troupe. Emily tells her that she has to give it to the next Dance Captain, and that she can see that it is Richelle. Emily tearfully confesses that it is hard letting the diary go. Richelle thanks Emily, hugs her, and departs. Emily tearfully bids the studio farewell, and turns off the lights before departing.

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  • The name of the episode refers to a song by Bob Dylan, with a similar name "The Times They Are a-Changin'."

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