There's no words that can describe the feeling of having the one thing in your life that makes you happy taken away.


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"The Truth Comes Out" is the 13th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 43rd episode overall. It aired on May 9, 2014.


Amanda shows Michelle the video of the dance battle.


Amanda shows Michelle cute videos of her puppy on her phone at Culture Shock, but while Michelle is looking through them, she finds Hunter and Eldon's dance battle video and watches it. Amanda, having planned this, hopes that this prevents The Next Step from making it to Nationals. The video angers and confuses Michelle, as she now knows why Eldon broke up with her.

Camille becca season 2

Camille and Becca watch Winston dance.

Some of A-Troupe and J-Troupe are watching a hilariously strange man named Winston dance, who happens to have been brought in by Phoebe. Afterwards, James, Noah, and Camille are told by Phoebe that they have to make up a song to which Giselle, Chloe, and Becca will concoct a dance within 24 hours. Michelle confronts Eldon about the dance battle and asks him if it is why he broke up with her. Eldon still refuses to talk to her and walks away angrily.

James, Noah, and Camille are trying to create a song, with Giselle, Chloe, and Becca trying to create a dance; both tasks are going well. Later, Michelle tells Emily about the dance battle and claims that she is worried, as if Eldon cracked under the pressure of a dance battle, he probably also will at Nationals. Emily encourages Michelle to tell Kate about it, which she does.

Michelle eldon riley season 2

Eldon overhears Michelle tell Riley that she brought the video to Kate's attention.

Kate shows the video to the entirety of A-Troupe. They agree to take a vote for who the male soloist should be: Hunter or Eldon. As they disperse, Michelle admits to Riley that she brought the video to Kate's attention which devastates Eldon who overhears.

Giselle, Chloe, Emily, and Amanda are discussing the battle at Culture Shock. Meanwhile, James, West, and Eldon also are and Eldon is extremely worried about what the outcome will be. Later in the Music Room, James, Noah, Camille, Becca, Giselle, and Chloe are still working on the 24 Hour Challenge. After rehearsal, the J-Troupers weigh in on whether they think Eldon or Hunter will win the solo. Camille and Noah are on Eldon's side, but Becca is on Hunter because he is cute, which James finds hilarious because he finds Hunter hideous. Eldon enters then, and informs the A-Troupers that the vote is taking place.

24 hour challenge

Becca, Chloe, and Giselle continue to perform the 24 Hour Challenge.

It is time to vote. Emily, Riley, Amanda, Thalia, and Hunter vote for Hunter. This ultimately means that Eldon keeps the solo, although at the last minute, Michelle votes for Hunter. This means that Hunter now has the solo. Eldon leaves the studio and James angrily confronts Michelle and Riley about not voting for Eldon. The two reply that they did what was best for the team, although he believes that they let their feelings get in the way of their judgement. Hunter tells Emily that he thinks the plan is working and as he thanks Michelle, Emily realizes that the plan is working to her dismay. Emily confesses that she originally wanted Eldon, but now wants Hunter. Later, James, Noah, Camille, Becca, Giselle, and Chloe perform and everyone enjoys it, except for Eldon.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by CORB LUND.






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